Ada Fenick Square

"The tree square" 

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Ada Fenick

Dagmara Berztiss


Fun Facts



 Ada Fenick hails from Setauket, New York.  She has this to say about her square:

My mother taught me to knit when I was eight.  My first project was a purple garter stitch scarf.  It probably would have been quite attractive if I could have kept the gauge even, but instead it had a nice wave to the border.  Well, this turned me off knitting for a while, but I rediscovered it in college when I had a really boring math professor.  I began to love it and was not embarrassed to knit in public (though I did sit in the back of the class).

I live in Setauket, NY, with my husband and two sons.  My husband, who is a (different) math professor, was horrified to learn of my knitting in math class.  Now he seems to understand the importance of knitting in my life--it's my therapy!

I designed my square in honor of a good college friend.  Susan, who is Jewish, married Alan, who is Irish.  The two cultures share (among other things) the symbol of the Tree of Life.  The cables are taken from their wedding invitation.