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 Kathleen T. Carty hails from Kanata, Ontario, Canada.  She has this to say about her square:

My mother taught me basic knitting stitches when I was about 7 years old and my grandmother taught me to knit mittens a couple of years later.  The rest of my knitting skills I've learned from reading patterns, books, and magazines.  I've been an avid knitter since my teens and have enjoyed trying out new techniques.  I value publications such as Knitter's to keep me in touch with trends that others are developing and to continue my education.  Knitter's has also been instrumental in encouraging me to develop my own patterns.

When I saw Julie Hoff-Weisenberger's oak leaf fall pattern (Fall '96 K44), I decided to use it in an afghan.  I alternated rows of oak leaf pattern, leaf vine (from Deborah Newton's Secret Garden in Summer '95 K39), and trellis stitch.  My sister saw the result and fell in love with the pattern.  She asked me to make her an afghan with the oak leaf pattern around the edge and a textured pattern in the middle.  The method I used for her afghan is the one I used for my square.  The challenge was to find a cable that turned the corner with eye appeal, that had an even number of repeats along the 12" side, and that had three consecutive rows without crossed stitches so that the grafting didn't  involve crossed stitches.