Jay Campbell Square

"The kids square" 

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Jay Campbell

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Jay Campbell hails from Elizabeth, Colorado.  He has this to say about his square:

I grew up around knitters.  My first memories include watching my great-grandparents sitting on a sofa together, knitting.  My mother is an avid knitter and has never been far from a project.  With such great examples how could I not catch the bug sometime?

I began knitting 15 years ago when my new bride and I decided I had way too much energy, and needed something to help me sit still while watching movies.  She encouraged me to try knitting, and my needles have not been empty since.  When I first read about this contest I thought it would be great to design a square.  As an elementary school teacher, I am always telling my students to try new things so they can grow and learn.  I took my own advice, and here is the result.

To uphold the tradition of Aran knitting being tied to the family, I chose to represent children.  Although the children depicted in my square are symbolic of children from the North, South, East, and West, I used my four as the models.  Imagine the children running in four directions, and playing in the yard, with joyous laughter coming from a turn on the slide or a swing to touch the sky.  I hope you enjoy knitting this square, entitled "Play Yard," as much as I have.