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Hanna Burns hails from Portland, Oregon.  She has this to say about her square:

  My grandmother was my knitting inspiration and teacher.  As a child I requested a pair of drop-seat pajamas for a stuffed animal, which she knit for me that very afternoon.  I still carry them in the knitting bag she gave me.  I love to knit small items such as dolls, stuffed animals, baby clothes, and fun socks.  I am always searching for new and different projects that will challenge me.

This square took shape after I read a series of articles in the newspaper about the mapping of the human genome.  One article discussed the ethical dilemmas we may face as a result of recent and future discoveries.  The pictures in this article looked just like Chart B.  I have combined the two DNA strand-like patterns with the Trinity Stitch to represent the Holy Trinity in Christianity.  The center panel seems an appropriate representation of the interconnectedness of God and science.  I had a great deal of fun with this square and the ideas behind it.  Chart B is worked to look as though it extends beyond the square.