Dagmara Berztiss Square

"The Latvian moon cross square" 

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Dagmara Berztiss


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Dagmara Berztiss hails from Eggenstein, Germany.  She has this to say about her square:

As a child in Pittsburgh, one of the first things I learned to knit was Latvian mittens.  Dr. Austra Zervins, an historian, taught me to use double-pointed needles, to carry yarn, and the meaning of Latvian symbols.  These pagan symbols are geometric and mostly symmetric.  In knitting they are represented in color rather than texture, but when I think of Aran knitting, I picture texture without color: twists, cables, and bobbles.  Using texture, I wanted to represent my Latvian heritage in this square.

The main element in this square is my interpretation of the Latvian moon cross.  The moon cross is often associated with the god of war and warriors, and is also a protector of orphans.  While my main goal was aesthetic--I like the shape and I thought it would translate well in texture--I also like that the symbol has meaning and various interpretations.  The challenge was making a symmetric shape when gauge isn't!  Graph paper was a big help.  I chose a simple seed stitch border that wouldn't detract from the main design.

I have a PhD in metallurgical engineering, but I have always been interested in arts and crafts.  I like designing knitwear because it incorporates the analytical and the aesthetic.  I also enjoy pottery and sculpture.  I have recently begun knitting sculptural forms, wall hangings, and vessels in copper wire.