AI Leap Technology

Small and mid-size companies in retail, production, real-estate and other non-IT verticals don't have time and financial resources to keep developers on staff who would perform sophisticated software integration of production planning, warehousing, logistics, network optimization and other software packages. Available on the market software is complicated enough for a small or mid-size non-IT company to operate on its own. AI Leap uses Artificial Intelligence in its application that simplifies time-to-market, feature update and reduces the complexity of the set-up and maintenance for the users.

Planning and Scheduling is the backbone of making mid-term and long-term decisions: "He who fails to plan is planning to fail" (Winston Churchill). Human intelligence is great in making split-second intuitive decisions, but such situations are more and more rare in the era of process automation and big data processing.
AI Leap Inc. team has more than 100 years of combined professional experience designing, developing and maintaining simple and complex software and hardware systems with complex planning and scheduling modules ranging from Airborne Data and Signal Processors to ERP Manufacturing, Configurable Order Management, Logistics and Warehousing, Retail Auto-Merchandising, Learning Center and Hospital personnel scheduling just to name few. Such a diverse in-house expertise allows AI Leap to undergo rapid prototyping and development phases of new projects in the shortest timeframe while creating the cutting-edge industry-leading solutions.
AI Leap technologies work successfully with particular instances of problems that are NP-hard in general. A typical area of such problems is resource (personnel, machine/equipment, rooms, etc.) scheduling. AI Leap's scheduling solution works well for academic, medical, sports, police, firefighter scheduling applications.