AI Leap Finance

AI Leap Solutions for Financial Applications 

Small and mid-size companies in retail, production, real-estate and other non-IT verticals don't have time and financial resources to keep developers on staff who would perform sophisticated software integration of accounting, CRM, sales commissions, loan administration and other software packages. Moreover, often partners, customers and investors of such companies require elaborate reports that should extract heterogeneous data in various formats with loosely associated key fields and possibly erroneous entries. All of that has a direct impact on the financial basis of the companies.
AI Leap uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to cleanse input data, to follow correct matches and associations in seamless, automated generation of final reports. Industry-popular MS Excel spreadsheets are particularly difficult to parse and re-organize in the presence of incorrect data. AI Leap technologies facilitate multi-source heterogeneous data collection and streamline Excel-based financial report generation. 

AI Leap Predictive and Decision Models

Wall Street Markets possess an inherently constituent cyclicity within a year, a month and even within a week. However, the global sentiments may have even more profound effect on monthly and weekly trends, with daily variations subject to expected and unexpected news, announcements and rumors.
The art of Predicting Analytics is to select input signals and output metrics, choose an underlying model and perform trading based on available data. Future is not always like the past. Moreover, current markets are tapped into uncharted territory of FED’s stimulus plan and an unsinkable enthusiasm of the bull fans. When applied to the market dynamics, Predictive Analytics provide a reliable input to Decision Analytics that, in turn, is capable of drawing correct risk-averse decisions. The art of Decision Analytics is to utilize the inputs from Predictive Analytics and to allow the decision models to reach growth goals while assessing risks and benefits. In first four months, the performance of the AI Leap exploratory trades doubled the growth of the S&P index.