Aiko is a collection of protocol specifications, along with specific server and client implementations that are designed to enable an Internet of Things.  With the creation of open-source hardware devices, such as the Arduino microcontroller and OpenWRT routers, it is possible to inexpensively customise and deploy an extensive range of devices that can flexibly interact with each other.

This web-site aggregates a variety of software and hardware projects (along with repositories, forums, blogs) that comprise a distributed system based on the Aiko protocols.

This conceptual diagram highlights the pieces of the puzzle that are now available ...
  • Aiko Gateway: Services implemented in Lua for OpenWRT ...
  • MQTT server: Mosquitto (third-party project)
Many of the puzzle pieces have been prototyped and are gradually being improved and then released.

Recent announcements

  • Lua MQTT client library v0.0 released The Lua MQTT client library enables easy and rapid development of applications that can publish messages or subscribe to topics on an MQTT server.The Lua programming language is designed ...
    Posted 29 Jul 2011, 11:37 by Andy Gelme
  • Original Aiko Arduino code repository split into more appropriate repositories When the Aiko project started, all the code for various devices ended up in the one repository.  These independent projects have now been split up into ...Aiko Arduino library Aiko ...
    Posted 11 Aug 2011, 02:10 by Andy Gelme
  • New web-site for Aiko Platform created The new Aiko web-site aggregates all the various project artifacts that have been created over time.
    Posted 14 May 2011, 22:58 by Andy Gelme
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