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Gold Stories (The people behind the stories who made Goldsmiths what it is today):


TN2 (cultural magazine supplement to Trinity News, the student newspaper of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland):
  • "A portrait by the artist formerly known as man", by Art Editor Gabija Purlytė, Issue 5, pp. 10-11, December 2012.
Le Monde, Science et Techno. supplement (in French, 1/12/2012): (Nov. 15, 2012):
El Economista (Nov. 14, 2012): (in French, 28/10/2012):
The Times (Oct. 11, 2012):
TimeOut London (Oct. 10, 2012):
Planete Robots (in French, no.17, September/October):
  • Paul & Peter the robots as draughtmen, in the "Dossier": "Faites entrer les artistes" (pp.70-71).
Communications of the ACM (Vol. 55 No. 9, Pages 42-43, September):
BCS, Computer Art Image of the Month (September):
Financial Times, How to spend it (July 1, 2012):
Sapere, (in Italian, no.4, July/August):
IA-Robots, by Roland Barthes (in French, May 31):
El Pais, by   (March 21):
Telegraph, by John O'Ceallaigh (February 9):
Artistic robot on Brazilian BBC TV (February 1):
AIkon on Russian blog (January 29):
Independent, by Nick Clark (January 26):
Patrick Tresset on The Radio 2 Arts Show :
Robot art on ITV (January 17) :


Patrick Tresset's robots draw faces and doodle when bored, Mark Brown, Read here on 
A Robot Hand That Draws Artfully Demented Portraits , John Pavlus,  Read here on FastCoDesign 
Sketching the future (Rachel Agius) Read Here on Times of Malta
Meet "Paul" and "Pete", The Sketching Robots, Kevin Holmes,  Read here on
Cybernetic doodling, Paul Squires, Read here on

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Aikon2 in Blueprint magazine
March 2010, Issue #288 p. 90

Aikon2 on Geek Brief TV, presented by Cali Lewis
18 February 2010, GBTV #709

Aikon2 on Geek Brief TV Presented by Cali Lewis

Aikon2 on BBC's Tech Know program, presented by Ellie Gibson, article by Mark Ward.
4 March 2010
Goldsmiths Digital Expo 2010

Aikon2 on the New Scientist TV, report by Sandrine Ceurstemont.
1 March 2010
And in The New Scientist (paper) 03/04/2010
P.42 of New Scientist, April 3rd, 2010.

Aikon2 on BFM TV (24h French news channel), "Culture Geek" program.
9 March 2010

El Mundo's scientific magazine "Eureka"...
18 April 2010 (USA) (USA) (France) (France) (USA) (Brazil) (Korea) (Holland) (Thailand) (USA) (Germany) (Arabic) (hungarian) (Italian) (Italian) (Russian)