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 James Cuddy;
Message render display

Designer's own words:
message render display allows images stored on mobile devices to be displayed on a matrix of leds. rendering and displaying these images in a given location provides a link between physical space and mobile data.


Nanda Khaorapapong :

Artist's own words:
Steth0-phone is a DIY device for bio- and social dialogue, it is embedded with pulse oximeter and 12 other features that enable its computational system to translate biometric id of users into pulsating light and sound. Two to four phones are set in Heart Lounge, a cybernetics installation in laid-back 60’s living style with interactive wallpapers and acoustic heart mix ambiences generated in real-time from the users’ name, age, weight, height and heart data. Each heart becomes sn interface between mindbody, biotechnology and public engagement claiming the human heart as a medium for social interaction.


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