This site is dedicated to the poetry of Anna Letitia Aikin Barbauld. She has much to tell us, even two centuries after death.

The purpose of this website, which synthetizes and simplifies the contents of my PhD thesis "And the air vibrates with the silver sound": A Study of Anna Barbauld's Poetry, is to give a contribution to the revaluation of Anna Aikin Barbauld's verse. In particular, I have tried to give account of Barbauld's aesthetics; as a consequence, I have discussed her poetical language by analysing the uses of symbolisms, metaphors, irony and satire. What is remarkable in her lexical and stylistic choices is their ability to express an only apparent self-restraint (fostered by the cultural climate she lived in), and, on the other hand, the vindication of her identity as a poet. 

If, after or before viewing this website, you may be interested in contacting me for some comments or a good conversation about the poet,  please write to ipsalegit@gmail.comPlease consult me in advance if you need to cite this website in any way: I would be very glad to give my permission to those so kind to ask for it.