Your participation is strictly confidential, guaranteed! Not one bit of identifying information will be shared with anyone (especially your workplace).

1. Are you fluent in reading and speaking English?

2. Are you currently working in the United States?

3. Are you currently working full or part-time in a setting where you regularly interact with other coworkers, a supervisor, or supervisees?

4. Are you 18 or older with 6 months of experience working at least 20 hours a week?
5. Are you currently training in Aikido at least once a week on average?

6. Are you willing to volunteer about 1 hour of your time answering questions online?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you qualify!
Your participation is extremely valuable in providing much needed insight into better understanding the role aikido training plays in workplace interactions.

Participants will receive a summary of research findings as well as an extensive literature review on aikido.

To participate click on this link:
When you arrive at the study website enter the
 password: workplace
Feel free to contact contact the Lead Researcher, Christopher Schalge, M.A., for any reason at

Thank you for your time, effort, and support!