About Us

Aikido goes beyond martial arts: it does not only resolve conflict in a constructive way but it also develops our intuition. It gives us insights that change old paradigms (ways of thinking) and transforms our current vision of the world, our mind and spirit, through the practice of harmonious universal movements developed by its Founder, Kaiso Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei). It is through its physical training system that Aikido helps us to get the skills.  We need to improve our lives by using unity, confluence and harmony (Aiki). The way of Aiki is a path intended to prepare us for life inside and outside of the dojo; in order to avoid destructive actions and help students foster a life of harmony, peace of mind, and problem solving.


Kurita Juku Aiki is a branch school of the parent dojo located Mexico City under the leadership of Kurita Shihan, who was an uchideshi (live-in disciple) of O-Sensei for 10 years in Japan. In addition to teaching students the philosophy of Aikido which includes the development of equanimity, centeredness and a sense of peacefulness, Kurita Juku Aiki is a school committed to developing instructors and leaders within and outside of the Aiki Community.  The goal is to teach the public the ways of Aiki in order to improve their health, strength, lives, work, and relationships.