Aikido Goshinkai Singapore

 Aikido develops coordination of mind and body.

All Aikido techniques begin and end with the principle of non-dissension. We must be able to remain peaceful in our daily lives and in all situations. Aikido teaches non-dissension by releasing the idea of a conflict in our hearts as well as in the hearts of others.

If you physically struggle to throw a person, you are performing with a fighting mind. A fight is bound to result. But if you move a person's mind, their body will gladly follow. By leading their mind, you avoid conflict and collision. You lead them to a place where they already have chosen to go.

Women are naturally gifted in Aikido as they find it easy to grasp the concept of not using strength. They also find it easy to blend with their partner as Aikido is like a dance. Men who train with women learn how to relax and use Ki instead of strength.

Stuart Clifford Sensei

3rd Dan Black Belt

Registered PA (People's Association) Trainer
First Aid Certified
MOE Registered Instructor