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Sensei Shuji Maruyama, of Aikido Kokikai International, spent long years of training and instructing at the highest levels of Aikido.

Sensei Maruyama's efforts led to his realization of the natural power that comes from unifying mind and body. He established Kokikai Aikido*  to more clearly teach others how to develop their own natural power,and effectively 
apply it to self-defense, and in everyday life.

 Kokikai Aikido does not require you to be an athlete, to have a certain body type or size, to excel. Sensei Maruyama, being of small stature himself, demonstrates how the average person can develop this power, and  apply it for self-defense. Yet, he encourages students not to fight, but rather harness this power to live a positive, strong, and productive life.


Aikido Kokikai Delaware Valley (AKDV) is a service organization created to support and develop instructors and dojo leaders. AKDV encourages members to seek opportunities to collaborate, taking advantage of our local knowledge and resources to make Kokikai Aikido available throughout Delaware Valley area.

Leon Brooks, 7th Dan, Senior Instructor
Aikido Kokikai Delaware Valley
PO Box 2061
Trenton, NJ 08607

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Aikido Kokikai Delaware Valley Classes

    Kokikai  Aikido classes are being held throughout the Delaware Valley in Ewing, Fairless Hills, Freehold, Princeton, Flemmington, Freehold, Philadelphia, Huntingdon Valley, Somerset, New Brunswick, West Berlin, and Wilmington.  See the Kokikai Web page for a dojo near you.