20-21 APRIL 2018

Venue- LT-4, Academic Building, AIIMS RISHIKESH


Organized by:

Department of Medicine in collaboration with Community and Family Medicine  

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Virbhadra Marg,

Rishikesh (Uttrakhand)

Contact Information - 9870717859

Poster and Platform  Presentations for Residents and Undergraduates.

Theme of Presentations should be in the following themes

  1. Innovative Research in NCD
  2. Concept Designing in care
  3. Cases
  4. Original Research Articles
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Message from the Director

Dear Delegates

                        I am very happy to invite you to  “GLOBAL NCD SUMMIT 2018” at holy city Rishikesh. 

                    I'm sure it will be a magnificent amalgamation of science and    spirituality. Currently India is world capital of Diabetes, other non-communicable diseases are also increasing at alarmingly high rate. Current conference is aimed at addressing diabetes and cardiac diseases, the deadly duo and respiratory diseases and cancer as well. Focus is to strengthen young budding doctors to tackle patients efficiently. Faculty of National and international repute shall be honoring conference with their expertise. Various quiz for resident doctors and hands-on training is unique in itself. Recent guidelines recommends glycemic control by “glycated hemoglobin”, HbA1c, and not merely fasting and post prandial sugar values. Tight glycemic control (HbA1c <7 %) is recommended for newly diagnosed diabetics without complications and long life expectancy. For patients with long standing diabetes, short life expectancy, severe diabetes related complications, co morbidities goal is to develop simple strategy focused on safety and avoidance of hypoglycemia. Similarly there is a sea change in management of coronary artery disease. Coronary calcium score is considered as important determinant in Angioplasty nowadays. Fractional Flow Reserve, or FFR is a guide wire based procedure that can specifically look into blood flow and pressure changes across a diseased vessel. Coronary angioplasty are now no more based on subjective visual assessment of cardiologist but on the objective assessment by FFR. Also the efficacy of Aspirin has been found to be almost worthless in recent times. This conference will address issues in these key areas. There is a huge change in the management of cancer and respiratory diseases as of now and now we are moving towards the cure of these diseases

            Uttarakhand is better known as God's abode. This is a land of Chardham viz. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri .This part of country is blessed with heart touching beauty and rich cultural heritage. There are many attractions to Rishikesh both spiritual and adventurous. I on behalf of AIIMS family welcome you and ensure for  a wonderful experience.

GLOBAL NCD SUMMIT 2018                                

Hope to see you soon at Rishikesh