The Organization

The Association of Indian Graduate Students at University of California, San Diego, was founded in 2003 to formalize our tradition for welcoming incoming Indian grads and helping them feel at home in a new environment.
2003-04 : Niranjana Nagarajan (Biology)
2004-05 : Sandeep Kanumuri (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
2005-06 : Saumya Chandra          (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
2006-07 : InformationToBeAcquired
2007-08 : InformationToBeAcquired
2008-09 : Shibin Parameswaran (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
2009-10 : Harish Nagarajan           (Bioinformatics)
2010-11 : Rahul Kapadia (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
2011-12 : Ankur Gupta (Physical Oceanography)
2012-13 : Siddhartha Nath (Computer Science and Engineering)
2013-14 : Viraj Deshpande               (Computer Science and Engineering)

The name of this organization shall be Association of Indian Graduate Students at University of California, San Diego, referred to as AIGS-UCSD.

  1. To organize and conduct events that promote Indian culture
  2. To provide a congenial atmosphere for gatherings of students belonging to the Indian community
  3. To build a support network for new students who arrive from India every year to pursue Graduate Studies at UC San Diego
  4. To conduct its activities as a not-for-profit organization.
Requirements for Membership:
Registered UC San Diego students, faculty, and staff, interested in Indian culture, may join the organization. Only the registered UC San Diego students shall hold office and vote in elections for the organization's officers. Only the student officers shall spend the organization's funds with the written approval of one of the principal members.

Frequency of Meetings:
Members will typically meet once a month, as well as on a need basis. The venue for the next meeting shall be decided upon each time, during the current meeting, and shall be decided by a simple majority among the members who attend the meeting. Decisions about events shall also require a simple majority of the members who attend the meetings where the relevant discussions take place.

Criteria for Holding Office: 
The organization’s principal members will comprise of three committee posts. All official positions must be held by a registered graduate student of UC San Diego. Qualifications for officers are as follows:
  1. The President must be able to conduct a large meeting in an orderly fashion. The President conducts the fortnightly voting decision on the items on the agenda. In case of there being difficulty in reaching a resolution on any point, the President has the deciding vote.
  2. The Vice President must be available to substitute for the President in case of absence. The Vice President shall be responsible for keeping the accounts of AIGS-UCSD, and shall be required to make a report of expenditure to the principal members once a month.
  3. The Secretary must be able to maintain minutes of the fortnightly meetings, and contact members regarding the time and place for the next meeting or event.
Replacing Officers: 
Each officer will be annually elected by registered student members by a simple majority.
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