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This is the index to the GEOGRAPHY LISTING...

This section of the web site was set up for fewer than 100 alumni listings.   When this site becomes popular, with over 1,000 listings, it will become difficult to scroll down so many items. 

Geography INDEX



Features:  A map link to the Alumni Cafe/Pub/Tavern

(A map link is available if you give me time to find the link.  You can suggest a map link, too).   Some listings have additional links, such as SCOTLAND with JX's "oldest pub in Scotland" (on VIDEO!)

Do you want to share your name and location plus contact info (email and web site)?  send the info to stevecongeralpina@gmail.com  

If you don't want your name or your email address listed here, let me know.  I'm just trying to build a list that will attract more alumni listings...  and promote visits... "Hey, I'm going to be in Miami next month.  How about meeting for dinner?"

North America


Central America

Mexico (see North America)

South America


South Asia (India, Sri Lanka)

Pacific Islands



This page is under construction.  Please make suggestions.

Here are comments by Noel Thompson:

My personal thought at the present is to elicit as many listings as possible from all alumni at no cost.This increases traffic, especially if alumni are  willing to link their sites to the alumni web site page. I think we want to keep administration time and costs to a minimum ? Therefore, I would propose  the alumnus listing his or her site should be "encouraged" to make a donation to Aiglon via. FOAC US or FOAC UK etc. This takes away the collection of revenue and logistics costs  etc. 

I do think some "images" next to the web site listing will make a more interesting experience for the user.   [Let's put images for now on the "random" site"]

The thought of listing by geography is important if the dentist Dr Stein is in Boston or if Nipper ships water only in the US. I presume there will also be some providers of global services ?  So I recommend  I recommend - 

Geography ( listing by continent rather than by individual country 

  Sub-listings of:

Category of products - Transactional sites 
Service or brokerage

 Charity or non-profit 

Arts i.e.musicians and artists etc.

Best regards,  Noel

SO:  When you submit your web site for inclusion, please point out any particular category you want listed and geography (such as "Worldwide" vs. Continental...)


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Message to Current Students


do you have a cafe that you can recommend that is easy to find from the main hotels downtown in Istanbul?  Where would you meet a traveling Alumnus?


Email:   stevecongeralpina@gmail.com       please share this email with people on your alumni list

THIS EMAIL IS IN SUPPORT OF THE AIGLON ALUMNI NETWORK -- an idea that John Vornle has promoted for years... 

I need you to identify a cafe or restaurant that is CONVENIENT for you to meet with a traveling alumnus.  If an Aiglon person is in your town, where would you meet that person?  Give me the address so I can create a yahoo map and link to that point.

I fear I'm turning into a pest, so please reply to  this message if you don't want to hear anything more about the aiglon alumni network.

HIT REPLY and write  "Steve, I don't want to participate in the alumni network"  and I'll take you off the reminder list.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO PARTICIPATE in the Alumni Cafe idea...  but we need your "Category" listing so that alumni can find you for products and services...  what talents are for sale?

I figure there needs to be a critical mass on this site of about 50 people for it to take off and have some value.  

IF YOU ARE ALREADY LISTED, please check your listing and suggest a GRAPHIC or a photo or something to liven up the listing.   Hundreds of eyes will see this listing, so let's make you pop.


PLEASE NOTE the new feature called ALUMNI CAFE
  --  I put a link to a MAP for a convenient meeting point.   Any alumnus can call me or email me tp suggest a meeting for lunch or coffee and a click on "ALUMNI CAFE" next to my name produces a map showing FLORIDIAN RESTAURANT, the nearest easy place to park and meet me.  I'm 5 minutes by bicycle from that cafe.   You can call me at 4 pm, I'll be home from my school work, I'll be working away at some internet project and I can drop it and see you at the cafe by about 4.15 pm.  It's that easy.

I'm sure Erik Friedl will put Priscila's Cafe as his ALUMNI CAFE -- that's where we meet when I'm in LA.    Infact, Erik, I'm putting that link next to your listing...  Even if you are out of town, alumni can go there and tell other alums to meet there.  it's such a convenient meeting point.

you can also request a GRAPHIC for your email address.  I prefer the clickable email address, or at least it is easily copied and pasted.

This is a long winded way of suggesting

a)  send me the address of a cafe that is near you so I can put it next to your name in the geography listing.

b)  send this email to someone else on your AIGLON ALUMNI  mailing list

stay in contact with these two web sites


pass them on... 

see also the ALUMNI NETWORK lists   click on the first web site to go to the GEOGRAPHICAL and ALPHABETICAL lists.
CHECK your listing.

thank you.   See you in July (if you are a Virtual Attendee, we'll try to phone you or Skype you.  For more info, contact me.  we need your contact info so we can contact you on 2 July)

Do you want to share your name and location plus contact info (email and web site)?  send the info to stevecongeralpina@gmail.com  
This web page is sponsored by the Alpina Choir   
"It's time for some SINGING..."   

Listen to the Alpina Choir    See the songs


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