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This is a voluntary site:  The official reunion web site is connected to Aiglon.ch.



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Charlie Aikman Realty  


Charlie Aikman
Carolina One Real Estate
1400-E Palm Blvd.
Isle of Palms, SC 29451
(O) 843-886-8110
(M) 843-696-3990
(F) 843-202-8625

Alia Al-Senussi albion-gallery.com

Jill Avery's art work  JillAvery.com          


Azarm  Bahman  Construction

Bahman Azarm, Catamount Project (ziplines in trees)

203-260-4111  Bahman@soloconstructionservices.com










Chess: Who likes chess? Scott Swerdlin's son RYAN is getting better (he creamed me twice): Why not sign up on REDHOTPAWN.com  No fee for up to 6 concurrent correspondence games. Ryan’s handle is ryangotchi Scott is sswerdlin


John Corlette’s words about Meditation 

Words by JC http://sites.google.com/site/aiglonreunion/jcwritings






John DeGiacomo: Hi everyone.

I just wanted to thank you for posting all those Aiglon pictures. Thank you John (Dani) for getting me on to facebook.

I never had a yearbook and I must admit that it was hard for me at first to connect memories with just your names and current profile pictures. I guess I've lost more than a few brain cells since the seventies... But when I saw everyone's pictures from 34 years ago, it all started coming back to me. And I have such fond memories of you all.

When I left Aiglon and moved back to the States, I immediately regretted that I had lost touch with you. In boarding school, your fellow students become your family and after leaving, I now remember that I felt a great loss - and have until now.

We all shared a unique journey in a magical place and are forever bound by that fantastic experience. I'm glad to be in touch again.

John DeGiacomo


John DeGiacomo   degiacomo.net 

GET SERIOUS about John DeGiacomo's Music: CD Available    















Farzin Farzeneh> Films


Erik Friedl Database fly like a KITE See his work 

YOUTUBE Youtube Friedl 






Galimberti, Federico   fg@impresaidf.com
The web site is: www.impresaidf.com

Contact #s:  Tel. +852 - 28106735
Fax +852 - 28104461
E-mail: info@impresaidf.com
Or fg@impresaidf.com     Apparel  and Fashion and Sourcing. Ilaria and I are sourcing / manufacturing apparel for fashion brands in China.

Gio Greppi's art WORK   giovannigreppi.it 




Clive Hartwell: >>>> SKYESKYNS.co.uk

Isle of Skye:  Clive Hartwell (and Lydia)  skyeskyns.co.uk
17 Lochbay, Waternish, Isle of Skye, Scotland IV55 8GD

Tel: 01470 592 237 ~ Email: office@skyeskyns.co.uk

Skyns of distinction


Jennie Hinde’s charity:

Of course, there's the BIll Cargill Scholarship Fund for Aiglon...  and there are other good works out there...

NewDawn-Association.org (Jennie Hinde's orphanage work) 












Alla Konstantinova
alla the god AT mail DOT ru  (to be converted to a graphic soon)
Moscow, Russia.
Working for Publishing House " ImpressMedia", which specializes on publishing magazines on commercial real estate. I'm responsible for publication and promotion of weekly business newspaper "CRE Global" and at the same time working on "Commercial Real Estate Awards" project - a large industry event for all Russia.
I attended Aiglon 1993-1997.






Jessica McClam's art work   jessicamcclam.com 


JK McCrea's travel site RoadLovers.com

Alumni Cafe Floridian Restaurant


Jeremy McWilliam, Nearest Town Betws-y-Coed

Alumni Cafe (meet in a pub)

Email  capelgors@btinternet.com
Web sights  www.capelgors.co.uk

Wine:  Tom Meadowcroft   707 567 1521   

California   Magito Wines    magitowines.com/

My passion for wines comes from my experiences growing up, working and traveling in Europe and the United States. Early in life, I started my journey in winemaking by working the harvest of 1979 in Bordeaux.

Later in life, I worked at wineries in Washington and Napa, attended UC Davis and Napa College, and then became a vineyard manager focused on sustainable farming and environmental advocacy. Managing dozens of properties for the top wineries in Napa and Sonoma taught me the principles of winegrowing and gave me a vision for the kinds of wines that I make today.


At Magito I’m focused on making unique New World blends of my favorite Old World traditional wine varietals. My other wine labels include our approachable Thomas Henry wines and our Meadowcroft reserve wines.

EMAIL:  tommeadowcroft@aol.com

Raymond Merz   r.merz@rogers.com
 Toronto, Canada  

Jim Mitchell's site www.mitchellart.com





Nipper:  see von W...

Listen to the Alpina Choir    See the songs


JC's Writings

Videos by Conger and Memories by Erik Friedl, Louis Snyder and others

Set up your call on the SKYPE CALL SCHEDULE

July 2-4






Peter Payne peter.payne BAT span SPOT ch]
CH-1272 Genolier
Mob.     079 213 65 05

Ceclia Peck  
http://www.linordocumentary.com <<< Cecilia Peck's current project. 

[See also http://video.barnesandnoble.com/DVD/To-Kill-a-Mockingbird/Gregory-Peck/e/025192786624 The DVD that Cecilia produced]  >> Disc #2 -- To Kill a Mockingbird: Additional Bonus Features Including A Conversation With Gregory Peck


For anyone who is a victim of rape:  The most important thing you can do is to seek help.  I encourage you to call your local rape crisis center, and other organizations that care for rape victims.  Your identity will be anonymous there.  If you want to participate in the documentary, or just share your story anonymously and connect with other women, please write me an email.  I would love to hear from you.  -Linor Abargil


Faith Pershall  (Fuffy King now)  fuffy@jerseymail.co.uk

Her Alumni Cafe spot is Les Fontaines Tavern
La Route du Nord
St John
Jersey, Channel Islands, UK  JE3 4AJ













Giovanni Sancristoforo Cattaneo

www.smy.it yacht brokerage and services.  thanks and best wishes,  giovanni


 Louis P. Snyder

United States Sales Corporation

Virginia Beach, VA

email: lsnyder@ussalescorp.com

visit us at www.ussalescorp.com


Will Sutherland   >>>>>>>>>>>>>  
Welcome to the home of:
"Bringing you Success..." 
"How to get the job you really want..."
"The power of your coaching group..."
You will find only first hand experience on this network, and we are happy to share it with you.

What does it take to succeed?

To succeed you need a strategy, a plan and some action.  You need to assess your present position, know where you want to go and to set your goals.  This is easy to say but each of these words represents a task, which in order to be achieved have to be broken down into smaller tasks.  It takes time and requires self discipline and perseverance.  It is easy to try and cut the corners and skim over some tasks.  We think we have quick answers to some of the soul searching questions, but it is usually precisely these that need the most attention.  If we are honest, had we been through this process from the outset most of us would not be where we are now.

The QBE Seminar Workshops help you build a strategy and a plan and will give you a framework and timetable for action.

Qualified By Experience Ltd. 
Old School House, Church Road, 
Scaynes Hill, 
Haywards Heath
West Sussex, RH17 7NY
T: +44 (0) 1444 831 706
F: +44 (0) 1444 831 143
E: info@qualifiedbyexperience.com



Jim Stein's site Teeth  SteinEsthetics.com





Noel Thompson sends the following:

I sell online some of the products which I import. Like to get some Aiglon buyers who should know the benefits of olive oil etc. www.thompsonimportsinc.com  Many thanks, Noel

"Noel will donate 10% of product sales to the Aiglon Endowment fund. When placing your order, please note in the "message" box Aiglon order and your graduation year.



Tree Planting: I use Plant-Trees.org.

I also like TreesWaterPeople.org 










von W (nipper):  Best Cellars, LLC publishes books and websites including Nippers.com andbottledwaterweb.com  

travel:www.aroundtheworldradio.com  and 

newspapers www.newspress.com










Istanbul, Turkey  Nino Zamero
mail address zameronn@hotmail.com

I would like to meet the person  at the Ciragan Kempinsky Hotel in Besiktas, on the Bosphorus;  it is the best the country has to offer ! An Aiglon Alumnus obviously deserves the best. The Ciragan Palace URL :


2010 Kültür Başkenti ISTANBUL
Supporting  ISTANBUL - European Capital of Culture 2010

I forwarded you the web page for you to investigate further!   Nino 






The following information is commentary…

Some of my projects Plant trees: Trees My Grandfather worked to Build Bridges This is a good organization (ptpi.org)    Build Bridges  BuildingInternationalBridges.org  

JK's photos for stock photos    SteveMcCrea.com >> design Site Steve's FreeEnglishLessons.com site JK and Steve's trivia site  DailyRandomFacts.com  

See the illuminated ceiling Turrell in Pomona (installed by Jim Mitchell) mitchellart.com.

What is your Traveler's IQ?  Search "traveler iq" and click on a quiz.  It keeps my mind working... 

"Our lives are what we make of them." -- JC

Go ahead, improve this site:  Make a better site: just copy the text here and make it more interesting...

I'm thinking of typing the entire JC oeuvre that is in the Aiglon Meditation, (1989) as assembled by Teddy Senn and John Haigh. Anyone want to help?

Do you have a yearbook? Take photos and upload them to Flickr.com or Facebook and send me the link (to be displayed here) >>>> SKYESKYNS <<< get a skin Yearbook >>>> YEARBOOK 1975 Please suggest additional information for this site. Please create similar sites and I'll link them to your site.

SteveCongerAlpina@gmail.com Let's communicate.


Visit the John Corlette facebook account (yes, there is one...johncorlette@gmail.com)


Let's collect stories about JC and put them on the web so we can inspire the next generation of teachers at Aiglon to stay and thrive and enhance the vision of Aiglon.

Clive Hartwell put it this way: "There are some parents who are so mobile that their children lack a fixed point. The staff at Aiglon, the men and women who are truly invested in the school and its vision, who sit and eat with the students, they are the ones who carry the founder's vision."

Mobile kids who need a fixed point.

They live in you, they live in me They're watching over everything we see In every creature, in every star In your reflection They live in us. (Lion King)

Let's encourage more staff to stay at Aiglon -- many thanks to DKM, LL, AFH, PP, BP, DR and others who stayed, keeping the '70s alive in our hearts. Many thanks to JX, CRH, GD, PT, DB, JL, and others who left but who stayed in touch and continue to inspire us with their correspondence and interest in the school's future.

A special mention for Jack Oliver Rich (an educational counselor based in Orlando, Florida) who sent so many students to look at the school.

These people all knew JC. Their memories are part of “what makes” the school. Let's ask them to sit and talk about their memories, what worked, what didn't work, what needs to be preserved, what can be left behind. Who on the staff today will still be there in 2040, talking about the vision of Corlette?

See the DISCUSSION about the WEB CAM IDEA -- how about installing a web cam on campus? Go to WEB CAM








Send your suggestions to steveCongerAlpina@gmail.com.