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This is NOT an official site for Aiglon College.  Go to Aiglon.ch  for the most up-to-date info on the next reunion.

Most of this site was constructed for the July 2009 reunion.   It has been left untouched.  If edits are needed, please write to aiglonreunion@gmail.com

THE MAIN REASON for using THIS WEBSITE is to gather information for the Aiglon Alumni Network Products and Services

Message to Current Students (opportunities are here)

This is a voluntary site:  The official reunion web site is connected to Aiglon.ch.

Here is a proposal from Rana Sahni regarding the ALUMNI NETWORK
How about calling it the Aiglon College Alumni Digital Yellow Pages  or ACADYP ....

MyAiglon.com  Sweet Memories

1) So let's try and build something along those lines whereby we can access the information :

* By Last Name

** By Yr of Graduation
*** By City, State or Country
**** By Industry

2) The information contained herein as offered by each alumni who wishes to be listed would include :

* Last and first name including maiden or amended name
** Yr of Graduation
*** Name and Address of Business including Telephone Number, Website Address, and email contact ... There should also be a small space for description of services .... Alumni listing should also include job title in large firms whereby the alumni is employed vs self employed ...
**** Name of pre determined meeting point as in a cafe, resto, or some other location in the vicinity

3) Maintenance and Record Keeping

* We would need to have some one maintain this website in a professional manner
** We would need a contact person for submitting new and updated information on an ongoing basis

 If you have the web skills and the time to implement this "Digital Yellow Pages" with the appropriate level of security (there is a LOT of sensitive data involed here), please contact Rana at  ranasahni AT yahoo.com   or AlumniReunion AT gmail.com. 


Videos                 ALUMNI WEBSITES (what are you up to)?

the painting is for auction
ATTN:  People who are NOT on Facebook -- you can get access to the "FB world" by going to www.facebook.com and entering the following information:
rocdorsay@gmail.com  (email)
lausanne   (password)

NOTE:  The name of this account is Roc Dorsay.  It is possible that Facebook will decide that this guy Roc doesn't exist.   Here's what happened to one of my accounts: 
Your account was disabled because you violated Facebook’s Terms of Use, to which you agreed when you first registered for an account on the site. Accounts can either be disabled for repeat offenses or for one, particularly egregious violation.

Facebook does not allow users to register with fake names, to impersonate any person or entity, or to falsely state or otherwise misrepresent themselves or their affiliations.
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Thank you for visiting.  Please suggest more material for this web site...

YEARBOOK:  1974     1975         1976     When you are signed in to Facebook, paste this link: 
or click here
  << Aiglon 1974 Yearbook

Contact NIPPER if you have photos of the "bygone times" -- he's putting together a DVD with lots of photos.  nipperino@aol.com

  John Vornle's collection of photos from the early 1970s and a complete set of the Rules book (isn't digital technology and storage great?)

Proposed Theme of the Reunion

When we're together, the year fall away. Isn't that what matters?

To have someone who can remember with you

  Judy Blume

See the songs

CHARITIES that we support
(go to myAiglon.com and click on "Charities that we support")


 ALPHABETICAL LISTING         Random Listing


Message to Current Students
Suggestions for improving this web site can be directed to Alumnireunion@gmail.com


The Virtual Internship
The current student at Aiglon contacts the alumni that work in areas of interest to the current student.  The Alumni assign work that is real and useful.  If the task is completed, payment is given to the current student, teacher, and school endowment (according to the guidelines given below).
This idea builds on suggestions made for years by Bibi Parsons.

The burden of contact is on the TEACHER or the CURRENT STUDENT.  The alumni are not gooing to scour the school looking for interns.  The assumption is that if an alumnus submits a listing on this CATEGORY page, then there is some possibility of an internship.  Interning can be done in person or virtually.

Current Students will enjoy a VI because any internship with an alumnus/a will convey value on the student's curriculum vitae.   Let's show some REAL WORLD work before the age of 18, which is useful for university applications.

The Administration of the School will find Virtual Internships useful because ALumni will pay for services rendered and any value that is transmitted to the Alumni's businesses.  It is proposed that 10% of the value of the project's profit could be donated to the school's endowment.  An additional 10% of the profit generated could be distributed to the virtual interns and the teacher who coordinated the activity.

Alumni will find VIs useful because they will connect with the school, they will interact with smart teenagers, and they will have the input from the next generation.

Teachers will find Virtual Internships useful because an internship can link the student's passion to a real-world application of math or language or science.  ("Let's contact Raymond Merz and see how he has used Boyle's law this week."  r.merz@rogers.com)

Erik Erikson described the years from 12 to 16 as the time for Industriousness

School Age: 6 to 12 Years

Ego Development Outcome: Industry vs. Inferiority

Basic Strengths: Method and Competence

During this stage, we are capable of learning, creating and accomplishing numerous new skills and knowledge, thus developing a sense of industry

As the world expands a bit, our most significant relationship is with the school and neighborhood. Parents are no longer the complete authorities they once were, although they are still important.  www.learningplaceonline.com/stages/organize/Erikson.htm

COMMENT:  Some students have not created much by the time they are 12 years old.  By engaging in a Virtual Internship, students can create something of value to the economic world.


Description of the task:

Project:   Submission of articles to support a web site
Description of the task:   I have articles that need to be submitted and I need more articles written.  Please contact me for further description.  Possible areas of interest are MATH and LANGUAGE SKILLS
Product:  articles for submission and for press releases to support my web sites  www.FreeEnglishLessons.com and www.Roadlovers.com

Project:  Oral History Project
Description:  Student goes to Gordon Dyke's house with a digital camera and records one of Gordon's meditations and asks him to talk about expeditions.  A yearbook could be brought to stimulate the memory.
Product:  short videos that can be uploaded to the Oral history project on  www.MyAiglon.com

PROJECT:  Recording of meditations for uploading to Youtube
Description:  Current staff can sit with a student (the virtual intern) and the VI records the staff person reading a meditation while the camera is pointed at Les Dents du Midi.
Product:  a video with a good audio recording of an inspiring meditation to share with the world and remind alumni of the power of the Aiglon Meditation.   TS, ES, DR, LL and others need to be recorded, too.

Suggested Procedures    <<   IF YOU CAN'T ATTEND
Meditation Book
                JC Writings  
Group Capt.     Eliz Senn     CRH   PT  AFH   DR

SIGNUP for SKYPE (select your time to be connected)
Feedback to the webmaster:
This site is the creation of alumni.  If you want the school's web site, go to aiglon.ch.
We welcome former and current staff members to our Reunion.   We're happy to know that the following people have confirmed their interest in attending the reunion:

JX and Mrs. Cross
Fritz Koch
Clive Hartwell (tentative)
>>> Can we add your name?  <<<
Write to Alumnireunion@gmail.com to get your name added here.  Then contact Rachel at alumni@aiglon.ch (the OFFICIAL reunion address).

Gordon Dyke passed away in May 2009

Teddy Senn and Elizabeth are available for visits in Ollon.

GOOD NEWS:  Part of the event is FREE to former and current staff...    Out-of-town visitors who need a hotel room can find something at the following locations:

MESSAGE FROM Rachel Davies  RMLD@aiglon.ch

Former staff are indeed valuable members of the Aiglon community and should be able to attend the event. I will be sending the updated reunion programme at the beginning of February with an invitation to all former staff to attend the Friday evening 3 July BBQ with Swiss Alp Horns free of charge. As the summer school is starting then, unfortunately the School is not able to offer campus accommodation but beds will be available for former staff in La Casa at the rate of 35SFr. (breakfast not included). I have also reserved the Hotel St.Louis in Chesieres which is 40SFr. (including breakfast). I hope this will help towards some of the costs involved.

Any questions about the reunion can find a reply from Rachel Davies in the Alumni Office:  RMLD@aiglon.ch 


This is a voluntary site:  The official reunion web site is connected to Aiglon.ch.


"View from Aiglon College", watercolor, 73x47cm/28x18inches, Norman Perryman, October 2002.   the painting is for auction

I shall also donate the poster-size print and I will bring it with me for the auction. 


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