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The Game description language (GDL) is a formal language for defining discrete games of complete information. GDL describes the state of a game as a series of facts, and the game mechanics as logical rules. (pdf)
The Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL) is an attempt to standardize Artificial Intelligence (AI) planning languages.
Markup Languages
The Behavior Markup Language (BLM 1.0) is  is an XML description language for controlling the verbal and nonverbal behavior of (humanoid) embodied conversational agents (ECAs).
The Emotion Markup Language (EmotionML 1.0) is as a general-purpose emotion annotation and representation language.  The language is conceived as a "plug-in" language suitable for use in three different areas: (1) manual annotation of data; (2) automatic recognition of emotion-related states from user behaviour; and (3) generation of emotion-related system behaviour.