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Shortlist of conferences where prototypes, techniques, and research results relevant to AI based games are presented:

AIIDE - AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment.
Held every year at Stanford University in CA, USA. The main conference on AI technologies and approaches for games. The presenters are from both industry and research, the conference  allowing for  types of submissions that is satisfactory for both types of organizations. The proceedings are available from the AAAi digital library.

FDG - Foundations for Digital Games Conference.
Held every second year in the US, every other in Europe. The FDG confence is more technology focussed than the other main conference on games, the bi-annual DiGRA conference. FDG usually has one or several tracks that welcome AIGD type publications, as well as a recurring workshop on procedural content generation. The majority of the presenters are researchers. Proceedings (the published papers) are available via the ACM digital library.

The Game/AI Conference.
eld yearly in Europe (Vienna or Paris). Presenters are mostly from the games industry. The event has been live streamed and documented at the conference website.

The AI summit of the Game Developers Conference (GDC).
Held each year in San Francisco, around easter-time. The majority of the presenters work as AI developers in the games industry. Past years' presentations are available from the GDC vault.