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All services in punjab in chandigarh .

Learn foreign language before going Abroad .

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Ashu jain has over 18 years of experience in the field of  immigration, international career,education consulting and  foreign language linguistic  . She is also running a foreign language  school in the beautiful city Chandigarh. She is the member of french association of France (IATF).  She has traveled extensively and guided a large numbers of aspirants to leading US universities at both, the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has successfully guided a large number of students into the leading universities of the US including the Ivy League, MIT, Cal-tech, Stanford, Yale and the UCs, U Toronto, UBC, McGill and other universities of Canada and the top 10 in UK.

Ashu jain is passionate about mentoring aspirants for admissions into the top ranked US universities and grooming them for successful international careers. She believes that students have to open their minds and prepare for a more analytical thought process to be successful in a global setting.


Immigration services

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Do you know ???

Learn french for Canada  Immigration P.R check Aiflc  Facebook page

LEARN FRENCH FOR CANADA -IMMIGRATION - P.R - Miss Ashu jain Since 18 years of Experience .  

Graduates of German schools in foreign countries, who want to get a traineeship in an accredited or similarly ruled employment, can get the residence permit without the permission of the federal agency of labour. Visa for seeking a job in Germany University graduates with a German or other recognized university degree, or a foreign degree comparable to a German degree, are allowed to enter Germany and seek a job once here. They get a jobseeker's visa for their job search and are allowed to stay in Germany for up to six months to find employment. They need to prove that they have enough money to live on during their time here. While trying to find a job, they may not work at all, because the job-seeking visa does not permit them to work, whether on a self-employed basis or otherwise. 

Do i needs german language certificate ??????

Spouse visa - Need german language for immigration purpose.

Study visa  -  Bachelor , Master and  Phd  in free  university either in german  language university or english language university .

Germany job seeker visa  - students also need to learn german language .  

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French language  and Ielts  are Compulsory.

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Work in Germany / Germany Job Seeker Visa @Aiflc

Germany Job seeker visa- Chandigarh,Panchkula,mohali,Punjab,India.
work in germany 
study in germany - Bachelor,Master,Phd.
germany job seeker visa,spouse visa and study visa

Foreign national allowed to work in Germany? Usually, immigrants have access to the German labour market only when no suitable German or privileged foreign national is available anywhere in Germany for the job in question. This means that nationals of countries that are not part of the European Economic Area need a residence permit which explicitly authorises them to work in Germany. For unskilled and low-skilled workers, access to the labour market in Germany is still very limited. However, well-qualified foreign nationals, such as university graduates, may come to Germany as legal immigrants. They can receive a long-term resident status here. EU Blue Card System On 1st August 2012 the EU Blue Card system started in Germany. People with a recognised university degree or a degree comparable to a German degree have easier access to the German labour market. To get the Blue Card, they must give proof of their qualifications and a concrete job offer. The job offer has to provide annual gross earnings of at least 46,400 euros. Then the approval of the Federal Employment Agency is not necessary.

Study in  Canada - Bachelor ,  Master  , Phd
Study in NewZealand - Bachelor , Master , Phd
Study in Australia - Bachelor , Master , Phd

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