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Sustainable Agriculture

Chetana Vikas works with marginal and debt-ridden farmers in Wardha, Maharashtra, developing, testing, and teaching scientific and sustainable agriculture techniques so farmers can rely on their land as a source of financial and nutritional sustenance for their families. Techniques for soil and water conservation, poly-culture of growing cash crops and food crops, and "beej swaraj" based on a seed bank sourced from the NGO, accompanied by education in accounting and local market formation sets the farmers firmly on the path to self-reliance. Their model has been taken up by 150 farmers (23% women) on 343 acres in 27 villages so far.
At a glance:

Location of the project:
Wardha, Maharashtra

Chetana Vikas

Amount funded currently:
 Aproximately US $5150

Period of current funding: 
January, 2015 - December, 2015

Current coordinator at AID Portland:
  Hemalatha Gurumoorthy

Date of the most recent project site visit: January, 2015

Previous years in which AID Portland funded this projects:
  2007 - 2014

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