About Aarohan

About the band members:

Mithu Dasgupta

Mithu is our lead female vocalist and founding member of Aarohan.

"It's not love for music, it's a passion and it goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby, it's about a way of living..... Music is essential for my life - Aarmin Van Burren." This quote resonates with Mithu's journey with music. She has received extensive training in Hindustani vocal, and other semi-classical forms of music since her childhood in Kolkata. She is still learning, experimenting, and living the essence of pure classical and different genres of music.


Syed Amin

Syed, a founding member of Aarohan, is our in-house composer and a multi-talented musician.

Inspired by Bangladeshi folk music, Syed started getting vocal lessons from his mother when he was a little kid. It has been a long journey since then and he has the pleasure to work with many musicians and in the process picked up some musical instruments such as drums, keyboard etc. He has a profound passion in composing Bangla songs and in exploring contemporary and acoustic instruments.

Ayan Das

Ayan, another founding member of Aarohan -- our pianist/keyboardist who is full of exuberance and makes the practice sessions high on prime-time drama.

Ayan is an avid follower of techno, ambient and experimental soundtracks. Born and brought up in Kolkata, and vocally trained by renowned Rabindrasangeet singer Ashaktaru Banerjee. Ayan's interest shifted towards electronic music with loops, progressive structure, synth disturbances and he started learning piano and keyboard during his late college years. Ayan seeks experimentation and fusion through his involvement with 'Aarohan'. He is a keen backpacker, loves playing soccer and enjoys globetrotting.

Anindya Dasgupta

Our guitarist, Anindya -- a sportive individual who gleefully hosts our rehearsal sessions.

Anindya is an amateur guitarist who is an ardent fan of Floyd, Dylan, and Neil Young. He started picking up his guitar skills after the AAROHAN band was formed in 2014. His biggest critic for music is his 11 years old daughter.

Rajiv Kattekola

Rajiv's passion for music began since he was a child and has learned to sing by listening to AR Rehman and Kartik.  He is a devotee of AR Rehman! Rajiv has participated in the nationwide singing competition held by ATA (American Telugu Association) last year and won the competition. Rajiv has had no formal training prior but has started learning Hindustani Classical from Mrs. Mita Kundu in Portland.

Aarohan is the first band Rajiv has been a part of. He thanks every member of the band for being supportive and help him grow in his musical journey. He is also happy to come out of his comfort zone and try new songs in a band setting. 

Shahadat Hussain (Schumon)

Schumon has immense interest for classical, progressive and psychedelic music. He started playing classical guitar from his high school days in Dhaka and has always been into playing and recording different genres of music.

Schumon likes to blend traditional/folk songs with western tunes. Aarohan has been a new but an exciting journey for him as he continues along the avenues of fusion.

Tawhid Ezaz

A guest musician at Aarohan this year.

Ezaz started playing guitar from his early school days.  He took a break during his Undergraduate and PhD years and started focusing more on the science of sound and music -- the principles of physics behind it, from the vibration of strings on a guitar to the measurements and dimensions that go into the acoustics of a concert hall. Ezaz started playing Bass from last year to fill in the lower frequency spectrum in his band Udayachal and fell in love with the groove of it.

He is passionate about Blues music and tries to experiment on flavors of Blues with Bangla Song.

Hiya Banerjee

The youngest member of Aarohan – our own pocket-sized dynamite, an upcoming star in global music arena.

They say, her voice type is Mezzo-Soprano. She plays various instruments as well - Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone, and Piano.

Hiya has trained with Mita Kundu for 10 years in Indian classical singing. She is now training in western classical music for last 2 years. She has played Saxophone for Metropolitan Youth Symphony, Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra and Portland Youth Wind Ensemble.

She is a member of Cantores, Westview High School’s most elite choir, and sings for all female, student led, acapella group, Nothing But Treble. She is the choir co-president at Westview High school and also a student conductor for Les Chanteuse, Westview High School’s highest all female choir.

Bhaskar Ganguly

Bhaskar -- our percussionist who gets our music bang on requirements!!

He is also a founding member of Aarohan. You cannot escape music when you are born in a family where both parents are professional musicians – music director (dad) and classical dancer (mom). Growing up - he tried to resist structured and rigorous training of music in favor of his first love - cricket. Yet, the gene took over and he started enjoying music from both sides of the stage. Still learning the tricks with various kinds of drums he plays.