Aida Abiad


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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Eindhoven University of Technology
5600MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands


I work primarly in algebraic graph theory. I am for example interested in studying which properties of a graph can be deduced from its spectrum.  My research interests also include combinatorial optimization and finite geometry.


Associate editor Computational and Applied Mathematics

Publications and preprints

Enumeration of cospectral and coinvariant graphs (arXiv)
with C. Alfaro

Neumaier graphs with few eigenvalues (arXiv)
with B. De Bruyn, J. D'haeseleer and J. Koolen

Coloring the normalized Laplacian for oriented hypergraphs (arXiv)
with R. Mulas and D. Zhang

Spectral upper bound on the quantum k-independence number of a graph (arXiv)
with C. Elphick and P. Wocjan

Eigenvalues, Smith normal form and determinantal ideals (arXiv)
with C. Alfaro, K. Heysse and M.C. Vargas

On the status sequences of trees (arXiv)
with B. Brimkov and A. Grigoriev

Printed Circuit Boards Isomorphism: an Experimental Study (journal)
with A. Grigoriev and S. Niemzok
Computers&Industrial Engineering 148 (2020).

On the complexity of solving a decision problem with flow-depending costs: the case of the IJsselmeer dikes (journal)
with S. Gribling, D. Lahaye, M. Mnich, G. Regts, L. Vena, G. Verweij and P. Zwaneveld
Discrete Opt. 37 (2020)

A characterization and an application of weight-regular partitions of graphs (journal)
Linear Algebra and Appl. 569 (2019), 164-174

Graph switching, 2-ranks, and graphical Hadamard matrices (journal)
with S. Butler, W.H. Haemers
Discrete Math. 342(10) (2019), 2850-2855

On the k-independence number of graphs (journal)
with G. Coutinho and M.A. Fiol
Discrete Math. 342(10) (2019), 2875-2885

Spectral bounds for the connectivity of regular graphs of given order (journal)
with B. Brimkov, X. Martínez-Rivera, J. Zhang and S. O
Electron. J. Linear Algebra 34 (2018), 428-443

A characterization and an application of weight-regular partitions of graphs (journal)
Electron. Notes Discrete Math. 68 (2018), 293-298

Proof of a conjecture of Graham and Lovász concerning unimodality of coefficients of the distance characteristic polynomial of a tree (journal)
with G. Aalipour, Z. Berikkyzy, L. Hogben, F.H.J. Kenter, J.C.-H. Lin and M. Tait
Electron. J. Linear Algebra 34 (2018), 373-380

On the Wiener index, distance cospectrality and transmission regular graphs (journal)
with B. Brimkov, A. Erey, L. Leshock, X. Martínez-Rivera, S. O, S.-Y. Song and J. Williford
Discrete Appl Math. 230 (2017), 1-10

An application of Hoffman graphs for spectral characterizations of graphs (journal)
with Q. Yang and J.H. Koolen
Electron. J. Comb. 24(1) (2017)

Spectral bounds for the k-independence number of a graph (journal)
with S.M Cioaba and M. Tait
Linear Algebra and Appl. 510 (2016), 160-170

On the Distance Spectra of Graphs (journal)
with G. Aalipour, Z. Berikkyzy, J. Cummings, J. De Silva, W. Gaok, K. Heysse, L. Hogben, F.H.J. Kentery, J.C.-H. Lin, and M. Tait
Linear Algebra and Appl. 497 (2016), 66-87

Switched symplectic graphs and their 2-ranks (journal)
with W.H. Haemers
Des. Codes Crypt. 81(1) (2016), 35-41

Some Spectral and Quasi-Spectral Characterizations of Distance-Regular Graphs (journal)
with E.R. van Dam and M.A. Fiol
J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 143 (2016), 1-18

Godsil-McKay switching and isomorphism (journal)
with A.E. Brouwer and W.H. Haemers
Electron. J. Linear Algebra 28 (2015), 4-11

An Interlacing Approach for Bounding the Sum of Laplacian Eigenvalues of Graphs (journal)
with M.A. Fiol, W.H. Haemers and G. Perarnau
Linear Algebra and Appl. 34 (2014), 11-21

Algebraic Characterizations of Regularity Properties in Bipartite Graphs (journal)
with C. Dalfó and M.A. Fiol
European J. Combin. 34(8) (2013), 1223-1231

Cospectral graphs and regular orthogonal matrices of level 2 (journal)
with W.H. Haemers
Electron. J. Comb. 19(3) (2012)

Electron spin resonance study of single-walled carbon nanotubes (journal)
with N. Ferrer-Anglada, V. Lloveras, J. Vidal-Gancedo and S. Roth
Physica status solidi (b) 248 (2011), 2564-2567

Electron spin resonance on single-walled carbon nanotubes obtained from different sources (journal)
with N. Ferrer-Anglada and S. Roth
Physica status solidi (b) 247 (2010), 2823-2826


PhD in Mathematics from Tilburg University, The Netherlands (2015). Supervisors: Willem Haemers, Edwin van Dam. Get a copy of my PhD thesis, "Spectral Characterizations of Graphs", here.

MSc in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain (2011). Supervisor: Miquel Àngel Fiol. Get a copy of my MSc thesis, "Some Applications of Linear Algebra in Spectral Graph Theory", here.

BSc in Telecommunication Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain (2009).



Treewidth and Combinatorial Optimization workshop - TACO day, 19 October 2020, Maastricht, The Netherlands (POSTPONED)