Give me a call! 

Practise the language and strategies of phone calling.


  Fun Calls

Anybody can use a phone!!! 

Video 1

Video 2


With your classmate, choose one of the following topics and record a telephone conversation in your computer using Audacity.

  • Arrange an appointment with your doctor.
  • Make a hotel reservation for the whole family and the dog.
  • Phone your neighbour and politely complain about last night's party.


It is always hard to speak on the phone in a foreign language. Every language has its peculiarities and special language. Here you will have the chance to study expressions used when phoning. 

  1. Revise vocabulary and expresions related with talking on the phone.
  2. Some interesting tips about phoning.
  3. Now complete the following dialogue.
  4. Now listen to the following conversations and answer the questions.

Finally, you should be ready to record your own telephone conversation. Choose a situation from the list above and let's get down to work. When you have finished you should listen to some of your classmates' dialogues and write down what the situation are and what happens in the end.


  • Performance of task training activities.
  • Participation.
  • Quality of final task production.
  • Understanding of other people's work.