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Top Graduate School Programs

AIChE has a tool on their website that can be used to look up all chemical engineering programs (masters or doctorates) in a certain part of the country. This tool can be found here:

Each year US News ranks the top programs in many different engineering disciplines. Below are the top 20 programs in chemical and biomedical engineering (Updated for 2014 rankings)

  Chemical Engineering
 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
 California Institute of Technology (CalTech)
 3 University of California - Berkeley
 4 University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
 4 Stanford University
 6 Princeton University
 6 University of Texas - Austin
 6University of Wisconsin - Madison 
 9University of California - Santa Barbara 
 10Georgia Institute of Technology
 11University of Delaware
 12University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 
 13Carnegie Mellon University 
 13Purdue University
 13 Universiy of Illinois 
 16Cornell University  
 17Northwestern University 
 18University of Colorado -- Boulder 
 18University of Pennsylvania
 20North Carolina State University 
38Vanderbilt University 
74 University of Tennessee - Knoxville 

 Biomedical Engineering
 1 Johns Hopkins University
 Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University
 3 University of California - San Diego
 4 Duke University
 5Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
 6University of Washington
 6University of Pennsylvania
 6Stanford University
 9Rice University
 10University of California- Berkeley & San Francisco 
 10University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 
 12Boston University
 12Washington University in St. Louis
 14Case Western Reserve University
 14University of Texas - Austin
 16University of Pittsburgh
 16Vanderbilt University 
 18Northwestern University
18University of California - Davis
 20Columbia University
20 Cornell University
20University of Wisconsin - Madison
51 University of Alabama - Birmingham