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For New Members

New to AIChE? Here is some useful information to help you become an integral part of our organization.

Member dues are $20.

Dues can be given to any AIChE Officer, or to Mary Beth in the Chemical Engineering Department office, or to the AIChE Mailbox at the top of the stairs in the Chemical Engineering Building.

(Note: if you leave cash in any of the places please make sure your name is somehow associated with the money therefore you receive credit for your dues.)

General Meetings are usually held on Thursday evenings. Subscribe to our calendar and stay up to date!

We host tailgates before every home football game. Show up for free food, drinks, and games!

Join the National AIChE organization as well! It is FREE and you get excellent member benefits.

Each event you attend will earn you points. Each semester, the two students with the most points from each class will win a FREE trip to the National or Regional Conference.