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General Information

Our Charter


We are the American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chapter, Texas Tech's premier chemical engineering organization.

We create superior value for our members, recruiters, and investors by organizing meetings, networking events, and connecting our chemical engineers to future occupations.

We Value:

  • Academic Honesty – Producing and composing our own works
  • Integrity – Ethically and honestly for-filling our word
  • Respect for Our Members – Acceptance of diversity and inclusion, while allocating leadership, teamwork, and involvement
  • Safety – Beginning the foundations of a work/studies-related culture
  • Relationships – Creating and maintaining relationships which focus on the creation of value for all members
  • Ingenuity – Enhancing the fearlessness in creativity and authority to change and shape the future as Red Raiders

AIChE is the only professional organization which represents chemical engineering majors at Texas Tech University. Students are welcome to join us at our regular meetings and can participate in activities such as: ChemE car team, intramural sports, company informational sessions and many more after becoming a member. It is the goal of the student chapter to ensure that students achieve their full potential during their time in the Chemical Engineering Department.

AIChE offers many great member benefits such as company recruiters, social events, networking opportunities, tailgating, intramural sports, and more! Don't miss out on the action!

Useful Links

    -Help our chapter and become a national member of AIChE! Stay up-to-date on AIChE Conferences and take advantage of resources such as the e-Library
    -Be sure to stay on top of your coursework. Visit your class websites regularly on Blackboard or through the Chemical Engineering Department website.
    -Help out our advisors! Be prepared for registration by filling out your advising sheet before your advisor meeting!
    -Don’t check your email enough? You aren't alone! Join the AIChE TTU Facebook Group to keep up with events.

    If you’re new to Texas Tech, here are some great resources that can help you throughout the year!
        -FREE Tutoring at the S.O.A.R. Center
        -FREE Tutoring at the College of Engineering