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Newsletter Committee

This committee oversees the operation of  the newsletter. Their duties of this committee are to:
    -Interview and write Professor Biography stories
    -Interview students for co-op and internship experiences
-Keep people informed about what is going on in other chapters
    -Publish stories on conferences and trips
    -Take pictures of AIChE events
    -Compose entertainment puzzles ie. Sudoku   

 About the Committee

    If you love getting to meet new people or always likes to be informed, this is the committee to join. Get to know your professors and classmates better by learning about their experiences first hand. Keep the AIChE TTU Chapter informed about what is going on in other chapters and departments with engaging stories.

    Do you love taking pictures? Want to see your photos published in the Newsletter or on the AIChE Website? Become AIChE's Official Photographer by contacting the secretary.

 Key Contacts                                 

Newsletter Chair
    Noelle Vela

    Heather Dorrance

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