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Alumni Mentor Committee

This committee oversees the operation of the Alumni Mentor Program. The duties of this committee are to:
    -Recruit alumni to volunteer for the program
    -Sign underclassmen up to be mentored
    -Assign students to mentors
    -Schedule the minimum periodic contact between students and alumni
    -Keep alumni informed of events, especially when their companies are present

 About the Program

    This program is intended to provide professional mentors to the young students in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech University.

    Students can obtain the following during this program:

    -New Friendships
    -Networking Opportunities
    -Professional Career Advice
    -Insight to their Industrial Field of Interest

    Alumni can also benefit from this program by staying up to date on student chapter events, including tailgates, the annual golf tournament, the end of year banquet, guest speakers, and more!

 Key Contacts                             

Committee Chair
   Michael Leyba

    Brian Wang

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