Chem E Car Competition

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DEADLINE: March 8th

Teams of students design and construct a vehicle that is powered with a chemical energy source that will carry a load to a given distance and stop. The vehicle will be judged based on the combination of completion of the defined task and a judging of the most creative design.

Contestants learn the prescribed distance that their competition vehicle must travel (not to exceed 30 meters) not more than one hour before the competition.

Competitors in the performance portion are allowed two separate ―runs of their vehicle. After two runs, the team that achieves the single best result (i.e whose car runs and stops closest to the goal) is deemed the winner. There is no penalty for exceeding the goal; the closest is the winner.

Because Chem-E Car-Competition rules are modified from year to year, participants and regional competition planners should look to the AIChE website for updated information. There, participants will find the current rules for competitors, judging criteria, poster session information, instructions for shipment of materials and chemicals, and more.

Official Regional and National Chem-E-Car Competition information: