Following  demands are being pursued with IBA & Govt. by our  National Organisation, 
        All India Bank Retirees' Federation in coordination with United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU).


         1.Introduction of uniform Hospitalisation Scheme for all  retirees of the  bank with out discrimination;

         2.Periodical Updation of Pension;

         3.100% D A Neutralization on pension to all pensioners;

         4.Payment of differential commutation amount and Arrears of Pension from the date of retirement to                pensioners who retired during the period from 01.04.1998 to 30.04.2005;  

         5.Improvements in FamilyPension                                                                                                    

         6.Improvements in Ex Gratia Pension paid to Pre-1986 Retirees/their Spouses etc.                               

         7.Introduction of Welfare Schemes exclusively for the benefit of Retired Bank Employees by allocating
            specific amount from net profit of the Bank; 

         8.Another option for Pension to those sections of retirees who are not presently covered by  Pension 
            Scheme and 

            9.Improvements in  Pension  Scheme on the lines of Central Government Scheme as amended under VI Central Pay