(Reproduced hereunder Bank's Cir 259/2004 Dt.7.1.2004 Subject to Modification / Updation subsequent to issue of this circular.  We shall soon upload the modification/updation details)
CANARA      BANK                                                                              Circular No.: 259/2004

HR & OD SECTION                                                                                     Date : 07.10.2004





Sub : Consolidated Circular on Holiday Homes



As a HR initiative, we have been setting up Holiday Homes at various places of tourist interest throughout the country for the benefit of our employees.  This is an attempt to provide good accommodation at reasonable rates.  Our employees, while on LFC or on leave, can make best use of the opportunity for a comfortable, peaceful and harmonious stay with their family at these y Homes.


Various memos and circulars furnishing the details of Holiday Homes established and procedural guidelines have been issued from time to time. .


Now, in supersession of all circulars/memos issued, we are pleased to issue consolidated and updated guidelines on Holiday Homes in the following Annexures for the information of our employees :


Annexure I            Procedural guidelines


Annexure II           Request format for booking Holiday Homes


Annexure III          List of Holiday Homes at a glance 


Annexure IV          Brief details on Holiday Homes


With full and latest details consolidated in this Booklet, we hope, our employees would get full

information at one place, plan their leave schedule well in advance and make optimal utilisation of Holiday Home facility offered by the Bank.



GENERAL MANAGER                                              


1.     Who can avail the facility?

(a)   Employees visiting the places (on LFC/Leave/Holidays) and their dependents and close relatives eligible for reimbursement under LFC, when they accompany the employees.

(b)  Ex-employees retired on superannuation and their dependents.


2.    When it can be availed?

(a)   The facility can be availed while proceeding on LFC

(b)  It can also be availed while proceeding on Leave/Holiday without LFC


3.    How long can  Employees stay?

(a)   Normal duration of Stay is upto 3 to 5 days.  However, booking would be for a maximum of 5 days advance.

(b)  Can stay for more than 5 days but not exceeding 10 days, if the rooms are available.


4.    Norm for allotment of rooms :

Employees can book only one room per family as per norm.  However, if additional rooms

are available on visit, the same could be considered on request.


5.    How many accommodated in a room ?

(a)   Not to exceed 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children) in a double bed room.

(b)  Age limit for children – upto and including 12 years.


6.    Eligibility for advance booking:

(a)   For Employees proceeding on LFC, Advance Booking is permitted for a period not exceeding 3 months.

(b)  Employees proceeding on leave and  employees retired on superannuation can book one month in advance.

(c)   Other things being equal, employees availing LFC  will have preference over others.

(d)  Advance booking is on first cum first serve basis.


7.    Booking  Procedure:

(a)   The booking should be in a definite prescribed format furnished in Annexure II with a certificate from the forwarding branch to the overseeing branch / office.

(b)  Salary drawing branch of the employee/pension drawing branch or the branch where the retired employee is having account is the forwarding branch.

(c)   While forwarding the request, rental amount is to be kept in Sundry Liabilities accounts payable – “Holiday Home Account” with details of employee.

(d)  On confirmation of booking from overseeing branch/office, amount in Sundry  Liabilities is to be reversed and branch advice sent to overseeing branch/office; excess amount if any is to be refunded to the employee.

(e)   If the rooms are not booked by the overseeing branch/office the amount kept in Sundry  Liabilities is to be refunded to the employee, on receipt of information about non-booking.

        8.    What about check in checkout facility?

       (a)   24 hours checkin-checkout facility

       [b)  part of the day is considered as full day.

9.    Cancellations:

(a)   If  booking is cancelled by the employees on receiving confirmation of booking from overseeing branch/office, room rent will not be refunded.

(b)  Appropriation of rent towards accommodation for any other period is  also not permitted.


10.  When not booked in advance :

(a)   Rooms if available only can be allotted when visited by employees/retired employees without booking.

(b)  Caretaker/Hotelier may be authorised by the overseeing branch/office to allot the rooms when branch/office is closed.  However, identify card/letter should be produced by the concerned and payment should be made by way of Demand Draft favouring “Canara Bank Account – Holiday Home”.  If by chance cash is paid, proper receipt should be obtained from the caretaker.


11. Rental structure:

(i)    For  employees and dependents eligible for reimbursement under LFC rules.

The  rental structure of Holiday Homes has been rationalised with effect from 1st April 2003 as under:

(a)   Rs.30/- (Rupees Thirty only) per individual per day

(b)  Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per family per day per room provided with upto 2beds

(c)   Rs.60/- (Rupees Sixty only) per family per day per room with more than 2 beds.

The above uniform rent would facilitate our employees to send Branch Advice for the correct amount to the overseeing branch/office.

(ii) For   dependents / close   relatives   not   eligible   for reimbursement  under LFC rules.

(a)   In respect of Holiday Homes housed in bank’s own buildings, 2 times the rentals applicable to employees.

(b)  In respect of Holiday Homes housed in leased outfits, 2 times the rentals applicable to employees.

(c)   In respect of Holiday Homes housed in hotels/YMCA,  the actuals paid by the Bank.


12. Catering facility :

Catering facilities are available at Holiday Homes housed in hotels and also in many other Holiday homes.  Wherever catering services are available, room rent is exclusive of food and beverage charges.


13. Responsibility of employees :

(a)   Employees, during their stay at Holiday Home, should maintain utmost discipline and decorum.  Employees will be held personally liable for any misuse of the facilities provided and damage cause to the property of the Bank.

(b)  Employees should take care of their personal belongings and Bank will not be liable for any loss/damage caused to person or property during their stay at the Holiday Home.

(c)   Employees availing Holiday Home facility may record their suggestions/complaints/

     compliments, if any, in the register provided at the Holiday Homes.

A N N E X U R E    I I




From :                                                                                                         To :

Name        :                                                                                                 The Senior Manager/Manager

Staff No.    :                                                                                                 Canara Bank

Designation :                                                     

Canara Bank                                


Postal Address:                            



Dear Sir,


Sub : Request for booking of Holiday Home at __________________________


I request you to make available an unit of the above Holiday Home for a period of __________

days (maximum 5 days).  I furnish herebelow the preferred data on which I require the

Holiday Home and also three other alternate dates in the order of preference.  You may

allot the Holiday Home for any one of the dates depending on the availability of



Preferred Date :       From ____________________           to  _______________________


Alternate Date I

Alternate Date II

Alternate Date III


From _____________



To     __________________



From _________________



To     _________________


 Any  3 or 5 days during my leave period from _________________

to ___________________



The list of family members (if any), who would accompany me to the Holiday Home is given

below :





















(        )  I am availing LFC for the above, vide proceedings No.  ______________________________

            ______________ dated _________________.

(       )   I may be permitted  to avail the facility  of Holiday Home  without LFC as I am availing

            other category of leave or on holiday.

(       )   I  confirm having  remitted a  sum  of  Rs.______________  towards rent  in  Sundry 

            Liabilities  –  Holiday   Home  Rent  Account   at __________________________ Branch, 

            D P Code _____________ .

 (      )  Tick whichever is applicable.


I hereby confirm that particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Yours faithfully, 




(                                        )


Place :


Date  :                                                        




Forwarded through the Branch/Office ______________________________


                                                                 for CANARA BANK





Date :                                                                                    SENIOR MANAGER/MANAGER


A N N E X U R E    I I I    


1. AGRA                                                     14. LONAVALA 

2. BANGALORE                                         15. MADURAI 

3. PURI    (Memo 36/2006)                      16. MAHABALESHWAR

      (instead of BHUBANESHWAR)

4. CHENNAI                                               17. MUMBAI

5. DARJEELING                                         18. MUSSOORIE

6. GOA                                                       19.  MYSORE

7. GURUVAYUR                                         20. NAINITAL

8. HYDERABAD                                          21. NEW DELHI

9. JAIPUR                                                  22. OOTY

10. KANYAKUMARI                                    23. SHILLONG 

11. KATRA                                                 24. SHIMLA

12. KODAIKANAL                                      25. TIRUPATHI

13. KULLU                                                 26. TRIVANDRUM

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