Our  All India Canara Bank Retirees' Federation has completed  more than 20 months of its  purposeful  existence in the service of  retired colleagues in  our Bank. We  maintain good rapport with the management representatives of our Bank.  All  India  Canara  Bank  Retirees’  Federation  and   its  Affiliates  have  achieved   the  following for the  benefit of  the  retired employees in our  Bank over a period of several years:

    1.Issuance of Identify Card to all Retirees;

    2.Payment of Ex-Gratia to widows of Pre-1986 retirees;

    3.Extension of Bank’s Holiday Home Facility to our Bank retirees;

    4.Medical Aid to Superannuated retirees;

    5.Restoration of Preferential Rate of Interest on domestic term deposits to  
       Ex-Employees-cum-Senior Citizens;

    6.Canara Pensioners’ Loan Scheme;

    7.Canara Pensioners Loan Scheme II for PF retirees to join Pension Scheme;

    8.Establishment of Grievance Redressal Cell at Head Office, Bangalore.

    9.Enhancement of Loan Amount to Rs.2,00,000/- under Canara Pension Loan Scheme;

  10.Opening of Bank's Holiday Homes in Pilgrimage Centres;

  11.Waiver of penalty in respect of foreclosure of Term Deposits of retiees;

  12.Above  all,  our   Units   also,   responding   to   the   calls   of   All  India   Bank  Retirees’       
       Federation,  fought   in   coordination  with   rest   of   the  bank   retirees   along   with  the   United
       Forum  of   Bank  Unions   for   ensuring   another  golden  opportunity  to  the   PF Retirees  and 
       also  to   the   spouses   of  deceased employees/retirees  to  opt for existing Pension Scheme. 

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