Past Events

Interested in what A.I.B.S. has been up to? Check out these events from our 2008-2009 year...

Pill Bug Races:
This event was held during our annual Fall Mixer. Students entered pill bugs in a mini-raceway and cheered on their favorites. (No crustaceans were harmed during these proceedings).

Kiddy Trick-or-Treat:
Children participated in our "Anatomy of Horror" game, reaching into pumpkins to feel mystery "body parts". The kids then guessed what they were really feeling (example: our "tongues" were really dried apricots), and then checked out an informational poster at the end

Darwin Day:
In celebration of Darwin's 200th Birthday, A.I.B.S. hosted a campus-wide Darwin Day celebration, complete with cake, trivia, and a Natural Selection Game where students could put their evolutionary merit to the test!

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