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Keemiyo: “A Mystical Journey”

The focus in this CD is clearly on mystical spaces, featuring rich harmonies with fat bass lines, dreamy atmospheres backed by steady grooves and pulsing percussion, as well as the signature heart warming flute lines. These are wonderfully crafted songs that are hypnotic, enveloping, soothing, and yet motivating, ensuring maximum pleasure whether you’re listening, driving, or going deep into trance on the dance floor.

The album is composed as a progressive journey, starting chill, building up, and then winding down perfectly. All you need to do is press ‘Play’ and enjoy the ride.

Style:     Ambient, Psy Chill, Down tempo
Released:     03/2016
Format:     CD, Compact Disc
Mastering at Abstract Studio (Valencia)

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Psycho Abstract: "Patterns In Evolution"

It is with great pleasure an incredible album from Spanish psytrance 
prodigy Psycho Abstract with his 3rd full length album 'Patterns in 
Evolution', his best and most moving work to date! 
Bringing four great friends along on his interdimensional adventure, 
Liquid Sound, The Psylovers, Vocal Designer and Psiloflip each 
contribute their unique perspectives to this emotional and 
transformational musical masterpiece. 
Combing elements of progressive, psy, trance and Goa we are treated to 
a full flavoured sensational sonic sojourn!

Style: Progressive Trance
Released: Jan. 2014/03
Format: CD, Compact Disc
Cat-No: OVN1CD075
Barcode: 881034152275

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Keemiyo _ “Imagination”

He has released many well received progressive and chillout full length albums, always finding a balance of magic and harmonies when creating his compositions.
Now together with his good friend and international psy progressive master, Alchemix, he collaborates on two stellar and memorable tracks both featured on this soon to be legendary album .

Style:     Progressive Trance
Released:     Jul. 2013/31
Format:     CD, Compact Disc
Mastering at Abstract Studio (Valencia)

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Alchemix  "Brain in action"

"Brain in action"  is a thematic voyage and concept album presented by world renowned progressive goa trance philosopher and sonic scientist Alchemix, showcasing a whole new spectrum of concepts..
Prepare yourself for a trip into the mind with this creatively formulated experience that will take you to new reaches of your imagination and beyond!

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Alchemix  "The Visions Begin"

Since the dawn of time and the beginning of discovered history mankind has been driven by visions.
These visions become reality by concentrated will power and active participation in the dream forming it into our consensual universe. Prepare your self for a trip into the mind with this creatively formulated experience that will take you to new reaches of your imagination and beyond!

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Quantica  "Drops of light"

Drops of Light is a dynamic trip, starting from "Eliptica" a prime example of upbeat psychedelic club to the funkiest open air vibes of "Strange Report", bobbing drop by drop into "Aural Exciter"  a smart combination of psy roots with the uplifting proggy-psy trends, balanced with energized full-On tunes.
In the early 90's Eric was the guitar player of one of the most relevant argentinian reggae bands, echoes of those times are reflected in the collaboration with genious musician Bill Halsey aka Cosmosis, a pioneer of the genre. As well and as no less interesting mention to the track "Hardware Interrupt" in collaboration with the spanish talent Raul Jordan aka Psycho Abstract. 
5 years after the succesfull Quantica album debut, Drops of Light keep the identity of the quantica's basic ingredients: deep atmospheres, pumping basslines, astounding percussion, psy-dialogues, swirling melodies and a funky fresh touch... Resulting in 9 quality tracks.

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Keemiyo "Dancing Chakras"

Dancing Chakras is the result of years experimenting with music creation and exploring into the energy of the chakras.
The process has been developed through meditation on each of the chakras, practicing a breathing exercise in each of them to allow the inspiration and creative flow arising from the origin of each energy center.
Each chakra is in tune with their respective note: The first in C, the second in D, E in the third, fourth in F, G in the fifth, sixth in A and seventh in B. The tempo increases as we move upward through the chakras so as to reach the seventh chakra we are at a rate of 144 bpm.
This work is a vehicle that can transport you to the state of consciousness known as trance, through dance, focusing our attention and breath on each of the chakras and allowing the body to express naturally.

This release comes with a book explaining each Chakra in detail.
Published in all Spanish talking countries by AlphaOmega together with the album on CD.

Released 01 July 2011
All tracks written and produced by Keemiyo
Mastering at Abstract Studio (Valencia)

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Lab's Cloud  "Organic Mathematics"

This album will greet the listener with unique modern electro-acoustic dub infused with indigenous sounds from around the world. “Organic Mathematics” constantly evolves and explores new territories as it drifts with a gentle ebb and flow between genres while still maintaining a consistent laid back dub vibe.
Raúl 's use of melody is perfectly balanced between too much and too little, creating a saturated but not overwhelming wall of emotive sound. Add that to the finely honed production and song writing skills and you've got a sonic feast emanating from your speakers.
“Organic Mathematics" will undoubtedly resonate with down-tempo and ambient lovers worldwide. Deliciously chilled out floating melodies lightly laced with ethnic sounds, beautiful vocals, worldly percussion, ethereal flutes, and soft acoustic guitars make for a sublime fusion that culminates into an aural experience that is a definite trip for the soul!

Released 06 June 2011
Written, Produced & Mastered by Raúl Jordan
All instruments performed by Raúl Jordan (guitar, darbuka, etc) except:
Track 3 with Keemiyo; Track 4 & 11 - Flutes by Keemiyo; Track 9- Spanish guitar by Daniel Diaz.
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Keemiyo "SONOGRAM"

With “Sonogram” Keemiyo is presenting his most recent and fresh production, high quality tracks, with his special touch, similar to no others.
Always trying to go further with emotions and feelings, looking for throwing your mind over a new dimensional scape.
Beautiful harmonies with fat baselines and clean atmospheres.
An excellent surprise and overall good journey for the mind and body to make people dream and dance in all Dancefloors.
Definitely a good Progressive Psy Trance album.

Release Date: 2010-05-14

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10 different tracks with the paticipation of: PSYCHO ABSTRACT, SUM SINDHU, QUANTICA, ALCHEMIX AND KEEMIYO.

Mastered at Musum Labs (Madrid - Spain)
Physical CD Released 13 June 2008 by AIAMPROJECT and Arabesque
Cover design & graphics: Pakua
Tracks: 10
Total Play time: 73:35

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