*1992/Declaration of Intention

As adopted by the AIA Diversity Task Force                                                Source:  AIA Memo, December 1992

Goal:  Adopt and deliver a manifesto for substantive change within the organization, establishing and promulgating a model whereby minority participation on the AIA Board of Directors, component leadership, and the Executive Management Committee reflects the changing demographics of society.
  1. Initiate among upper management and Institute leadership on every level a reeducation program with training in diversity issues, effective communication, and implementation of appropriate programs.
  2. Redress [the AIA’s] public and operating policies, within the profession and management, to eliminate inequities in those groups – cultural, ethnic, sexual minorities, disabled, and women – that have heretofore been excluded or underrepresented or in other ways discriminated against.
  3. Guide members and affiliated firms to new visions and strategies for accessing design work by and for diverse groups that, perhaps, meet unique requirements.
  4. Counter in its publications Eurocentric views of design by aggressively identifying and celebrating noteworthy contributions representative of diverse architects to reverse a history of invisibility.
  5. Support at all levels of activities and expressions mutual efforts and mentorship that draw together the diverse constituencies of design, thereby advancing and extending the mission of “uniting in fellowship and purpose” the members of the profession.
  6. Take a vigorous position in encouraging American youth of diverse backgrounds to consider, choose, and prepare for professional design careers through aggressive programs of recruitment, scholarships, and faculty support.
  7.  Adopt and deliver employment practices that seek, accept, and encourage diversity at all position levels in the Institute, so as to demonstrate a national prototype for diversity in the architectural profession.