Research interests

I did my PhD in Economics writing the thesis Essays on wage structure and worker mobility within firms in 2007. In the thesis I investigated several questions related to the internal wage and career dynamics in firms using a linked employer-employee data set on Norwegian white-collar workers between 1980 and 1997. After completing my PhD I turned to quantitative Economic History, and wrote several articles on mostly macroeconomic issues and a book on financial crises. The financial crisis in 2007, the questions related to increased inequality, sustainability and negative implications of shortsighted profit maximization, turned out to be pivotal in my thinking on business, the economy and economics. In short, I have become critical of the current state of economics, its power and misuse in the society, and this, together with a deeper understanding of how capitalism and economic ideas have evolved, contributed to shifting my focus to Business Ethics. As part of the latter, I have also gained an interest in business education in general, and in particular the role and teaching of business ethics.

Current academic positions

Current teaching

  • Business ethics
  • Economic history


Contact information

University of Agder

School of Business and Law

Department of Economics and Finance

Box 422, N-4604 Kristiansand, Norway


Phone (office): +47 38 14 15 14

Phone (mobile): +47 479 50 600

E-mail: arngrim.hunnes@uia.no

Office location: Universitetsveien 19, office 9i-169