Creating a TED Talk

Culminating Project: You will create your own TED talk based off our essential question "What Matters?"

Give a Talk: Each student will give their own TEDxProject Talk (in Ignite or Pecha Kucha style — 20 slides of 15 to 20 seconds each).  These will be done on video, uploaded to YouTube, and then embedded here on the site to be seen by others.  Students will prepare with a ‘global’ audience in mind from day one. Remember "Spread an idea worth spreading."

Theme: They will use “What Matters (to You)?” as their ‘essential question’ to explore for their own TEDxProject Talk.  Essentially, they will select a topic based on something that truly “matters” to them and craft a 20-slide presentation to go with it.
Timeline: presentation topics are due by May 3rd.  Each student must conference one-one with his/her teacher on selected topic.  These conferences will occur in and out of class. Final presentation of talk will occur during finals, using both final periods as to accomodate all talks.  Students are expected to be prepared at assigned presentation time. Technologies that the students are going to use must be tested ahead of time- there will be no excuses on presentation day!   
Here are some sample TED talks from Christian Long's class: TEDxClassroomProject YouTube channel