Blogging Expectations

Over the course of the next six weeks, you will be expected to watch some assigned TED talks collectively as a class, and some independently. With both, you will reflect on your personal blog about the TED talks. 
Students will offer a written summary of all 8+ videos they are assigned.  Each summary will be uploaded as an individual blog entry following these simple rules (to guarantee a ‘Gentleman’s C’, so to speak):  1) write respectfully and thoughtfully, 2) write about "What Matters" from the video c) write about the speaker's effectiveness and purpose and d) attempt to be “remarkable” — to borrow from TED speaker Seth Godin’s talk — so that visitors will want to “remark” about your post and also consider the video itself.  Beyond that, write in a way that is meaningful and compelling. Period. 
If you need a more detailed list of what to reflect upon consider:

1-What are your take aways from this video?

2-What are the speaker’s effective speaking techniques?

3- What is his/her presentation style?

4-What matters from this video? How does it connect to you personally? To education? To the world?

Students’ submissions will be individually evaluated based on a) the overall thesis/ideas/creativity/style and b) their writing technique and ‘final’ submission quality.
Assigned TED talks:
Blog 3- Daniel Pink
Blog 4- Clay Shirky
Blog 6- Dave Eggers
Blog posts 2, 5, 7 and 8 need to be on your own.