The final six weeks, our classes will be exploring the essential question, "What Matters?"  With the focus of this question, we will be reading Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind and selections from Drive. Additionally, we will also be looking at TED talks from a wide variety of view points.  For the culmination of this unit, each student will deliver his/her own TED talk answering the question "What Matters?"  As TED talks purpose, each student is expected to deliver a talk that "spreads an idea worth spreading."
This website will serve as a schedule for our last six weeks, as a guide to your own TED talk, to reading the assigned texts, and to completing the work with watching and reflecting on TED talks.
(Note: all of this couldn't be  possible without the motivating help and inspiration of Christian Long and his students' work. You guys are all amazing!  I hope we do you proud!  Check out their work: http://tedxproject.wordpress.com/.  We have heavily borrowed from Christian)
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