This is a resource list/brainstorming site for ideas on how to use Diigo at school.

Install the Diigo toolbar.

Help pages at Diigo about Diigo, including some video tutorials (version 4).

Excellent wiki talking about social bookmarking (delicious and diigo).

Interesting thoughts on creating a tag dictionary for yourself. If you create groups for your classes,  you can also generate some suggested tags for the group to use.

Example of Diigo annotations that I've used in professional development (just Chapter 1, pages 3 through 16).

My Diigo Bookmarks for Diigo, all users Diigo bookmarks for Diigo.

Sample Diigo Embeds on Webpages

Approximately 90 minute Elluminate session on 10-31-09 on the new features of Diigo 4.0: Resource Page, Recorded Elluminate

The spreadsheet below is populated by a Google Form. If you have something to add to it, please do by submitting your entry on the Google Form.

How Do You Use Diigo Instructionally?