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The next meeting of AHSAMNS will be held at 2565 Roosevelt Ave., Halifax, NS

 on Wednesday, March 27,  2019 at 10 AM.

2018 Annual Report, President, Gloria Stephens

annual report 2018 (1).pdf

At the Nova Scotia Legislature

AHSAMNS in Hansard, October 26, 2017 (page 1592)


HON. LENA DIAB « » : I rise today to highlight the work of the Association of Health Sciences Archives and Museums of Nova Scotia. This association has a passion for protecting and documenting Nova Scotia's health sciences history. Founded in January 2009, it has directors from the professions of medicine, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy, as well as an archivist and a health sciences Its president is Gloria Stephens, a graduate of the VG Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1953. The association is working to find a permanent home for its significant collection of health sciences artifacts, antique devices, documents, and memorabilia that date from the mid-1890s onward. Many of these are currently stored in the Abbie J. Lane and the Bethune Building, as well as in private homes. The association's mandate is to preserve the history of the health sciences in Nova Scotia in a location where it can be made available to the public and researchers.

We have a rich and interesting history of the health sciences in our province, with several Canadian firsts. I applaud the association for their commitment to its preservation.

Accessed 26 October 2017

News article in Chronicle Herald 

Victoria General Hospital Nurses Alumni meetings at Bethune Building, at 7 pm, are held the first Tuesday of the month in April, May,  June, October, November and December. Next meeting is April 2, 2019at 7 pm.

The Dalhousie Medical History Society invites you to attend its monthly meetings at the Dalhousie University Club.
Speakers are scheduled to start at 7:30 pm

An interesting link from Dal website re history of occupational therapy



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