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Pharmacy Books

Selected books of interest – Canadian Pharmacy History - Located at the W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

50 Years of Pharmacy in  Nova Scotia, 1875-1925 (Nova Scotia Pharmaceutical Society)

History of pharmacy in New Brunswick, 1884-1934 (New Brunswick Pharmaceutical Society)

The history of pharmacy in New Brunswick : 1884-1984 (Darlene Fry and New Brunswick Pharmaceutical Society)

A history of pharmacy in Prince Edward Island (Allison J. Gallant)

A brief history of pharmacy in Canada (Canadian Pharmaceutical Association)

The history of pharmacy in Canada (early) (A.M. Martin)

Dispensing knowledge: one hundred years of the College of Pharmacy, 1911-2011 (Mary E. MacCara)



Celebrating our Heritage - A history of the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada: the first fifty years, 1944-1994 (Bernard E. Riedel and Ernest W. Stieb)

http://www.afpc.info/sites/default/files/AFPC_History_Book.pdf (Fulltext)


Additional books of interest – Canadian Pharmacy History

 Canadian Pharmacists Association 1907-2007, one hundred years of leadership in pharmacy


University of Manitoba, History of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Education in Manitoba


Golden Years 1946-1996, celebrating 50 years of pharmacy at UBC

History of Pharmacy in Alberta: the first one hundred years (from leeches to lasers)

http://www.ourroots.ca/e/toc.aspx?id=5305   (entire book online)

100 years of pharmacy in Alberta 1911-2011

http://pharmacy100.ab.ca/files/CentennialMagazine.pdf  (entire book online)

De l'apothicaire au spécialiste - Histoire de la pharmacie hospitalière au Québec (From Apothecary to Specialist: The History of Hospital Pharmacy in Québec)

Pharmacy Museums (Nova Scotia)

Dr. J. Gordon Duff Pharmacy Museum, College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie University, 5968 College Street, Halifax

Jost House Museum, 54 Charlotte Street, Sydney

The Apothecary Museum, Rossignol Cultural Centre, 205 Church St., Liverpool http://www.rossignolculturalcentre.com/apothecary_museum.html

Sherbrooke Village Drugstore, Sherbrooke

Louis Hébert, Port Royal National Historic Site

Canadian Academy of the History of Pharmacy

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Link to Museum of Health Care, Kingston, Ontario


Gloria Stephens, our president, recently attended the 2014 National Conference in Toronto of the Canadian Association of the History of Nursing (CAHN). One of the books she purchased was :
“Sisters of Mercy & Survival: Armenian nurses 1900 –1930” by Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill
“The book focuses on Armenian nurses in the Ottoman Empire. It shows how Armenian nurses laid the foundation of modern nursing, midwifery and public health in these regions”.

Social Work

“The story of the Maritime School of Social work 1941 – 1969” by Lawrence T. Hancock, LL.D. published by the Maritime School of Social Work 1992, of Dalhousie University.

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