Avon High School (AHS) Boosters
     We invite YOU to join the AHS Boosters
in helping to recognize student achievement and progress. 
     Joining is easy -- no application or dues, just email avonhighschoolboosters@gmail.com to join and to receive info by email. 

Thank you for your support  ...

  by working the event and/or buying donuts or making a donation at one of the past home football games!!!

by selecting AHS, as your designated school, on your Heinen's & Giant Eagle loyalty cards!
Reminder:  Heinen's requires re-selection each school year!!

Your support helps us fund recognition activities.

     Our meetings begin in September and are held the second Wednesday of the month.  Anyone can support Boosters and students with their Heinen's or Giant Eagle purchases.  See below for set-up information so Avon High School benefits from your purchases.


Sheila Manouchehri 


Jessica Olin


Please email if you would like to join or need further information:  avonhighschoolboosters@gmail.com

Who can join?  ALL Avon High School parents/guardians. (No dues required.)


Why do we exist?  Because we are committed to educational excellence, AHS Boosters promote, support, and recognize achievement and improvement for students of all academic abilities at AHS.

What do we do?  We raise funds for a variety of activities including:

· Student Academic Improvement Recognition 
  • Eagle Effort Awards (teacher nominated - Treat Reward Days)
·  High Honor & Honor Roll (grading periods 1-3) Recognition
  • Doughnut Reward Day (9th-12th graders)
  • Gift Card/Certificate (JVS students)

·  Sponsor a senior for the Washington D.C. trip (based on financial need)

·  Senior Awards Night reception

·  Luncheon for Top Five Percent Seniors, National Honor Society Seniors and National Technical Honor Society Seniors

·  Senior scholarships for college (based on essay response)

When do we meet?  Our meetings are held at Avon High School (Room 187B behind cafeteria's trophy case) on the second Wednesday of the month (from 7-8 pm)
        Upcoming 2016-17 meeting:  05/10

How do we raise funds?  By Fundraisers and Local Business support (see our "Check out our Business Sponsors" page)
Our fundraisers include:
  • Giant Eagle "Apples for the Students" Program:  sign up at www.gianteagle.com/AFTS, select AHS Id# 5715
  • Heinen’s "Teaming Up for Education" Program: visit www.heinensrewards.com select AHS
    • See "Heinen's ABC Instructions" at the bottom of the page about adding Avon High School to your account
  • Flower & Candy sale at the fall play and spring musical
  • Krispy Kreme donut sales at football games
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