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A waitlist solution: Being there right away to figure out what's needed.  co-authored with Donna Bradbury, Sara Salitan Thiell, & Michelle Marte, presented with Donna Bradbury at Columbia County Mental Health,  Hudson, N.Y., April 2005.

Reducing the overuse of detention beds by increasing channels of information flow between judges and other stakeholders.  Presented with Michelle Marte at the conference entitled Strategic Collaborative County Planning: Moving Forward, New York State Office of Children & Family Services, Syracuse, N.Y. February 2005.

Appendix to taming the monsters within us with 10 rules to live by, a manual presented at numerous workshops and parenting classes, 1995.

Exercise workbook on ten rules to live by, a workbook presented at numerous workshops and parenting classes, 1995.

How to conduct sex abuse evaluations, workshops presented at Four Winds Hospital, Saratoga, 1993, and Hillcrest Educational Center, Massachusetts, 1993, and in Portland, Maine, 1996. The basis for these presentations can be found in the published book, The Clinical Detective: Techniques in the Evaluation of Sexual Abuse, by Aaron Hoorwitz, Norton: New York, 1992.

An Adolescent Suicide Prevention Program: The Need to Notice a Ripple Effect, paper presented at the 2nd Biennial Conference on Research and Action, June, 1989, East Lansing, Michigan (co-authored with Patricia O’Connor and Barbara Malerba). 

Integration of Probation and Mental Health services in Rensselaer County, testimony presented for a report by State Senator Catherine Abate, Putting Safety First: A look at Probation Services in New York State, March 1998.

Reducing the Waitlist, Example 2: Mission Relevance and Clinical Importance, pages 59-72 (developers: Hoorwitz, Aaron; Bradbury, Donna; Salitan-Thiell, Sara, on page 72: "Information on the Model") in Clinic Quality Improvement Initiative: A partnership Between Clinic Providers and OMH to Improve the Outcome of Our Services, 2006, pgs. 59-72.