Aaron Noah Hoorwitz, Ph.D.            Psychologist                Specialties:                    
phone: (518) 847 - 4988                     Author                             sexual abuse
email: ahoorwitz@gmail.com
        College teacher          - court evaluations
                                                    Court consultant        - children & adolescents
                                                                                      - parenting skills

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Available now:

a new book entitled Faces For Feelings, by Aaron Hoorwitz & Andrea Sheerer


Aaron Hoorwitz & Andrea Sheerer

This a book for learning to recognize feelings from the expressions on faces. The expression on a face is an important social cue for learning to get along with other people.

Purpose #1:  It's for parents to read to young children to have a fun time in getting better at this skill.

Purpose #2:  It's also a workbook for people who have difficulty in recognizing what other people feel. For example, people with Asperger's and autism spectrum disorders can use the book to memorize the feelings that match different facial expressions.

 To obtain a copy of this book, either email ahoorwitz@gmail.com or go the the menu bar above, click on books, then find the book FACES FOR FEELINGS and click on the link in order to print it out for yourself.


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2/10 mile north from corner of Central Ave (Rt.5)  and New Karner Rd (Rt.155)

It is the first office building on the right on New Karner, across from Dunkin Donuts 

Take a right into the parking lot with the  sign that says:  401-403 New Karner Road

Go to the door nearest the road to enter the waiting room and have a seat.