A Home On The Roam, a foster shelter and daycare for the pets of people faced with homelessness. Our goal is to provide safe, secure, loving shelter for the pets of people on the streets, so that they can focus on recovery. To ensure that no pet is exposed to inclement elements. To ensure that every pet gets at least one good meal a day of a quality pet food. To ensure that fleas and ticks are treated, that medical conditions are seen by a vet, to ensure the health of the pets of a marginal population.

I want to remove the negativity associated with homeless people keeping pets. I want to remove the well-meaning foster offer turns out bad. I want to offer free pet daycare for people who need a safe place and responsible person to watch their pet while they attend job training, obtain a job, attend counseling, treatment, medical appointments, or many of the other things that a person cannot accomplish with a pet in tow.

I seek to end the traumatic event of having to choose between keeping a pet and recovery. Too many times, a person is forced to give up their pet in order to enter a shelter, to obtain residential treatment for mental illness, or to go to work. The homeless do not have safe houses in which to leave their pets for the day, they are often faced with a choice, “Do I sit here with my pet so I know he is safe, or do I give my pet up so I can do these things?” For many, their pet is the ONLY THING THEY HAVE LEFT. The emotional connection between people and pets has been studied, and it’s been proven that pets help calm, soothe, and heal people. We use pets in nursing homes for therapy, in service animals for veterans, for multiple psychological conditions as emotional support animals. These connections and benefits are true for the general population. Now consider how much stronger the needs of a homeless person are, how much stress they live under, how difficult their life is. It requires no stretch of the imagination to understand how devastating the loss of a beloved pet can be to someone who is already so fragile, so in need of the very thing that animal offers.

That’s why I want to offer this important service.